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Scaling Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) to Cover the Whole Enterprise

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A couple of weeks ago, I highlighted an up-and-coming webinar (Scaling IGA to Cover the Whole Enterprise) that I hosted last week for Trivir's identity consultant Jim Montgomery. Leveraging this decade's experience, Jim did a good explaining the dynamics at play and what needs to be together to kick off and complete a successful identity governance project.

Trivir Webinar

Jim starts off with a few project precursor insights detailing the problems that organizations should be focused on. Jim walks through these business objectives (note that 0% of identity governance projects should start from the IT dept):

  • Pass both internal and regulatory audits.
  • Establish more insurance and risk avoidance to protect against the next "event" and, if it does occur, minimize it.
  • Improve the overall security footprint. 

Jim segments these organizational objectives across the different personae to better understand each role's specific pain points and objectives. 

All of this is a setup for Jim detailing the:

  • Initial governance project – the focus is to establish a robust governance practice that enables the business to meet its compliance and attestation commitments.
  • Steps to improved governance – where to enhance and expand governance policies and procedures to make them more effective.
  • What constitutes a mature governance practice, which BTW necessitates an expansion into the entire realm of identity governance and administration. 

Overall, it's a good bet that many IAM and information security managers would gain tangible value from Jim's experience. I certainly enjoyed hosting it. Check out the replay

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