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Scanning For High-Risk Data Just Got Faster...And Smarter!

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The amount of data that organizations receive has multiplied, often by three or four times, in the last few years. The digital transformation is truly resulting in exponential growth of digital data. Now organizations have multi-petabyte (PB) data estates and no clue what data they have and where it is.  Organizations are under tremendous pressure to manage risk across large and complex data estates. 

Scanning For High-Risk Data Just Got Faster...And Smarter!Compounding the problem for these large data estates is dark data that is exposed and unprotected.  Organizations that operate internationally need to comply with many data privacy and data protection laws. They are looking for an approach to quickly determine which areas have a high concentration of sensitive information and make a tangible impact on their overall data security and risk compliance posture. Personal data can live anywhere, so well-rounded support is important to quickly find where a high percentage of sensitive data resides. 

Unclassified or Untagged Data Is a Major Risk to Businesses

survey done by market research firm Vanson Bourne found that on average, more than half (52%) of all data in companies remains untagged or unclassified, indicating that businesses have limited or no visibility over vast volumes of potentially business-critical data, creating a ripe target for hackers. Long considered a business asset that should be kept no matter what, data has become a liability for many companies. 

Cybercrime Cost Is Growing by 15% Per Year

Cybersecurity Ventures, a research and market intelligence firm, expects global cybercrime costs to grow by 15% per year over the next five years, reaching $10.5 trillion USD annually by 2025, up from $3 trillion USD in 2015. 

Organizations require a solution that provides a quick assessment of risk and techniques to target and protect sensitive data. Learn How Voltage File Analysis Suite can help you prepare for Data Discovery and Classification. 

How Voltage File Analysis Suite (FAS) SmartScan Can Help Organizations 

Voltage File Analysis Suite (FAS) allows you to quickly find, protect and secure your sensitive and high-value data. Knowing the type and content of your unstructured data is critical for business success and, more importantly, regulatory compliance. Voltage is now introducing a new FAS feature, “SmartScan,” that will help you reduce your time to data discovery and compliance. 

Performing a full scan on PBs of data is costly and takes months to analyze. Voltage File Analysis Suite (FAS) SmartScan gives you an adaptive and agile approach to perform a quick risk assessment when you don’t know your data well and want to analyze large data sets. Discover high-risk data locations within days instead of weeks with FAS SmartScan and reduce data privacy compliance time. Start with a subset of data, expand dynamically, and then perform an incrementally higher density analysis—or branch the analysis to perform a data clean-up with a full metadata scan. You can also perform a complete risk assessment to secure data with a full content and analysis scan.

Voltage File Analysis Suite

Benefits of SmartScan

Benefits of Voltage File Analysis Suite

Benefits of Voltage File Analysis Suite (FAS) SmartScan

  1. Discover high-risk data locations rapidly by intelligently sampling and scanning data and quickly performing data-centred risk assessments.
  2. Visualize risk to quickly understand the data risk landscape, where to target deeper scans, and efficiently prioritize data protection activities.

How SmartScan Works

1. Perform the new FAS SmartScan processing option to intelligently analyze a sample of your data sets. You also have the existing options to perform a metadata scan or a content scan on the entire repository.

Manage Repositories

Manage Repositories

2. Easily perform deeper or concurrent analysis and act against a specific data set (selected hot spot) directly from the Sensitive Data Heatmap.

Select Data Set

Select Data Set

3. Flexibility to further analyze the high-risk data spots through

a. Sensitivity labels (such as, Highly Sensitive, Partially Sensitive, Sensitive)
b. Classification tags (such as, Financial data, Contact data, Identification Data)

Sensitive Data Heatmap

Sensitive Data Heatmap

The File Analysis Suite SaaS cloud service helps you discover, classify, protect, and secure sensitive and high-value data across your enterprise. With these new enhancements File Analysis Suite makes it easier for anyone in the organization to find sensitive data in images, proactively manage data risks and meet their data privacy, data security, compliance, and data management needs, ultimately driving business growth with customer trust and brand loyalty.  

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