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Secure your data for cyber resilience

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At the center of all great art is people, and it’s the same with data privacy. As your customers, clients, and partners, your people are at the center of your business, buying your products and ensuring the smooth running of the organization. As any work of art, data goes through multiple stages and iterations, so must be secured throughout its lifecycle. Compliance to regulatory frameworks is paramount in allowing you to use your people’s data for valuable insights without exposing it to potential cyber threats. 

Secure your data for cyber resilience.pngHowever, compliance can be challenging. The number of regulations are increasing, and companies are struggling to know which frameworks to use when there are so many in the mix. 10% of US companies are actively working to comply with 50 or more privacy laws, 13% are are working on between 6 and 10, and 13% are facing between 11 and 49 laws. 

Regulations include California’s recently enacted CCPA, India's Personal Data Protection Bill of 2018, Brazil’s General Data Privacy Law 2018, Australia’s Notifiable Data Breaches Act 2017, Canada’s PIPEDA, KVKK in Turkey, and the Personal Data Protection Act in Thailand, which took effect from May 2020. There are also various industry-specific regulations with their own requirements, such as HIPAA for US healthcare providers. Some organizations may not be aware of the regulations that apply to them; for example, GDPR applies to all EU citizens no matter where in the world their data is held, making it important to businesses globally. 

How can you help ensure that your business effectively addresses compliance in a confusing regulatory environment? The answer is end-to-end data security. A unified technology framework allows for a holistic analytics-driven approach to securing what matters most – data. Organizations need a framework flexible enough to meet the needs of the enterprise, but specific enough to offer a guide to risk reduction and ensure cyber resilience

Micro Focus delivers flexible, modular solutions that help you identify and protect data, while controlling proper access—enabling your organization to comply with privacy regulations. Our efforts are focused on a three-pronged approach: 

  • Find and Analyze - Quickly and cost efficiently determine which data falls within the scope of the organization's privacy policy and regulations.
  • Store and Apply Policy - Apply and enforce data and identity-based policies for cost efficiency, and to ensure a quick response to litigation/investigations.
  • Secure and Encrypt - Prevent unauthorized access to data and automatically apply data-in-use encryption, data masking, and other data protection technologies. 

The Micro Focus portfolio is underpinned by rich analytics that accelerate discovery of critical sensitive data at risk. With our data privacy solutions, Micro Focus can help you apply data and identity governance policies, detect and respond to data breaches, and optimize backup and recovery—and, ultimately, protect data in use, in transit, and at rest. Data security enables cyber resilience, the ability to rapidly adapt to constantly evolving threats, as well as regulations. 

The rise in organizations working from home during the COVID-19 crisis has been a catalyst for digital transformation. Our next blog will cover how data privacy can be an enabler to your digital transformation processes. 


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