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Streamlining Identity Management: A Look at VINCI Energies and NetIQ

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The IT complexity that accompanies mergers and acquisitions, especially complexity related to securely managing identities, can prove to be a real headache. Companies who anticipate future acquisitions benefit from unifying identity management across organizations, such as VINCI Energies has accomplished through working with NetIQ. 

Streamlining Identity Management A Look at VINCI Energies and NetIQVINCI Energies is a complex organization with numerous, global locations requiring fine-grained identity management. With their complexity and anticipated future acquisitions, Vinci sought to:

  • fully automate user provisioning and deprovisioning
  • manage license-granting workflows, and
  • provide user self-service functions such as password management 

Thanks to its out-of-the-box integration capabilities, NetIQ’s Identity Manager accomplished these goals, successfully connecting to Vinci’s SAP, HR, and ITSM systems to provide a single view of identity management. With NetIQ Identity Manager’s single central interface for identity and password management, advanced automation, and user-friendly self-service options, Vinci’s new companies and colleagues are integrated quickly, assuring high productivity.

When speaking about working with NetIQ, Stephane Remars, IAM Architect at VINCI Energies says: “Self-service and automation are the keys to success for us in identity management as they minimize the risk of human error. In the last 12 years, we have grown from 30,000 users to 80,000, mostly through acquisition. When new companies join the VINCI Energies family, first impressions for our new colleagues are crucial for a successful collaboration. Having a streamlined and near real-time identity management process is a huge benefit in this respect.”  

Through the NetIQ Identity Manager connector integration with HR systems, users who leave the organization are automatically deprovisioned. This is important as inactive accounts present potential security gaps, but it also means that the team has full visibility into its active users at any time. As many software licenses are paid per user, it is advantageous that the user base is so transparent, to ensure cost-effective license management.

With a single central interface for identity and password management, advanced automation, and user-friendly self-service options, new companies and colleagues are integrated quickly, keeping productivity high. 

You can get more details in the VINCI Energies case study.  

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