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Top 5 Reasons to Use OpenText Advanced Authentication

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Authentication tools and strategies have become core components to protect businesses against cybercrime. But in a fast-moving threat landscape, businesses need the flexibility to tailor both the security and user experience.

OpenTextTm Advanced Authentication adds MFA or 2-factor layers of security businesses need to meet regulatory and industry requirements, client forces… and the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce. Here are the top 5 reasons to choose OpenText Advanced Authentication to protect while still allowing access to your customer’s assets:

  1. Use the latest authentication methods and devices with broad integration that allows your customers to use the right security in the right scenario throughout their environment.
  2. Centralize authentication: decrease cost and increase security within a single framework where IT can manage it all through one policy-based console.
  3. Choose the best option to meet your organizational authentication needs: Protect against security breaches while also protecting against vendor lock-in with a solution that’s based on open standards.
  4. Encryption that enables you to deploy with confidence with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) FIPS 140-2 embedded in our encryption.
  5. Support increasing mobile workforce demands with off-line logins, allowing them to perform 2-factor authentication to access private information at any time.

A Bit on Advanced Authentication

Advanced authentication gives organizations the flexibility they need to tailor the security and the user experience to the level of authentication needed. Your organization likely has a variety of techniques that are already used for security, any number and combinations of IDs and passwords, building access badges, challenge response phrases and PINs. All serve basic access needs. NetIQ Advanced Authentication framework adds the strong level of authentication (MFA or 2 Factor) you require to meet regulatory, industry and client forces.

Advanced Authentication by OpenText allows you to centralize your authentication into a single framework where you can manage them with a single policy console, decreasing costs and increasing security. We provide wide integration capabilities and the latest authentication methods and devices. This affords you the freedom to use the right security in the right scenario throughout your environment. With our open standards-based solution, you can protect against security breaches while protecting against the risk of vendor lock-in. You choose the best option to use to fit your needs.

Authentication flexibility is more than just which methods are supported, platform support matters as well. Advanced Authentication gives you the broadest platform coverage available with support for Windows, OS X, and Linux, iOS, Windows Mobile and Android.

Learn more about advanced authentication. Join the OpenText Advanced Authentication Community where you can share ideas and ask questions to the experts.


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