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Top 5 Ways OpenText Identity Governance Will Protect Your Data and Improve Efficiency

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OpenText Identity Governance protects all of your data with simplified compliance and user access review processes.

Identity Governance is an identity governance and administration (IGA) solution that seamlessly integrates identity governance (IG) and identity manager (IM) to elevate your organization’s efficiency and protect its valuable data.

  1. Improve decision making and visibility. Easily control all user access points. Enable authorized approvers to make better access decisions through automated, accurate visibility, eliminating manual, error-prone processes and enhancing operational efficiency.
  2. Reduce the risk of data breaches. Reduce the risk of data breaches by eliminating blind spots and automating access certification, compliance reviews, and application fulfillment. Eliminate inappropriate access and reduce the risk of negative audit findings, fraud, or data breaches.
  3. Simplify complexity and reduce costs. Avoid decentralized administration siloes. With Identity Governance, you can automate access certifications into one centralized platform, simplifying complexities and reducing costs.
  4. Adapt to changes in real time. Enable continuous risk reduction that adapts to changes and events as they happen in real time. No human intervention is required across diverse, distributed environments, providing constant and consistent reconciliation, which is essential for risk management and attestation.
  5. Event-driven adaptive certification. Certification triggers immediately revoke access, if necessary, from any bad actors, reducing threats by stopping attacker attempts to gain access to organizational data and abuse user credentials.

A Bit on Identity Governance

Identity governance accelerates access certification, reduces risk of inappropriate access, provides analytics for users in technical and business roles, and satisfies auditors.

It is a solution that helps any or organization run effective access certification campaigns and implement identity governance controls to meet compliance mandates while proactively mitigating risk. Built to get organizations up and running in hours vs. the weeks or months of traditional legacy vendors, Identity Governance replaces error-prone, time-consuming manual methods that can expose your organization to compliance violations and risk from excessive access.

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