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Understanding the Importance of Cybersecurity as Organizations Adopt Cloud

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Understanding the Importance of Cybersecurity as Organizations Adopt CloudIn mid-June, PwC released the results of their US Cloud Business Survey which provided some great insight into the main business outcomes organizations are expecting to derive from cloud adoption. The top three outcomes executives chose were 1) Improve Resilience and Agility 2) Improve Decision-Making through Better Data Analytics 3) Product and Service Innovation. The context associated to Resilience and Agility is specifically aligned to Operational Resilience. That being said, we all know that Cyber Resilience falls squarely within that scope and is directly aligned with the shift towards a Cyber Resilient model we have been emphasizing over this past year.

One of the key quotes within the survey results truly hit a chord when I was reading through it… “A cloud transformation isn’t about technology – it’s characterized by customer centricity, agility and reimagining everything.” Those are the core tenants of our approach to cyber resilience at CyberRes. Furthermore, the opportunity cloud adoption provides cybersecurity comes to the forefront of the current viewpoints CROs (Chief Risk Officers) provided in response to the questions around the timing as to when cybersecurity is brought into cloud projects as depicted in the below graphic. Again, something we all know too well… even though progress is being made, cybersecurity is still brought in way too late.Cybersecurity and Compliance are often afterthoughts

In addition to this survey, PwC released a supporting report focused on cybersecurity entitled “Cyber-ready – Today and for Tomorrow,” which I highly suggest reading for greater insight. The main point I want to call out from this report is the audience response around the types of cyber incidents they for see impacting them the most. We know ransomware and supply-chain incidents have been at the top of the list over the past year and that malware via updates have brought media focus to the continuous onslaught of cyber-related occurrences, but notice where cloud has now cracked the top five and is equally concerning as these other types of incidents.

More cyber incidents expected in the second half of 2021

At CyberRes, there are many solutions that help drive towards a more secure and cyber resilient organization. Here a few examples to support your cloud journey:

Given the insight into the current state of the market around cloud adoption supporting desired business outcomes while realizing cybersecurity risks, hopefully you can see just how important properly securing and monitoring of cloud environments truly are.


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