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What’s New with NetIQ Identity Manager 4.9?

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NetIQ Identity Manager is a vital part of any Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategy, offering streamlined identity lifecycle management, secure access controls, and effective handling of complex identity scenarios. This solution significantly enhances organizational security and efficiency. As noted by the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, “With Identity Manager, the provisioning of user accounts is more structured, and administrative processes are more clearly defined and automated."

The latest release, Identity Manager 4.9, introduces a plethora of exciting enhancements tailored to benefit administrators, security professionals, and IT managers alike. These updates further improve the platform's ability to enhance identity management by offering real-time user monitoring and continuous IAM data visibility, ensuring a more secure and efficient management of user identities and access controls.

Key Features

OAuth2 Support for Office 365

Identity Manager 4.9 now supports OAuth2 authentication for Office 365 email accounts using Microsoft Modern Authentication. This streamlined authentication process enhances security and user experience.

User Application Monitoring Improvements

Detailed system and application statistics are now accessible via CN = Monitor. Keep track of user application performance and troubleshoot issues efficiently.

Enhanced Forms Renderer

The new form renderer, based on updated Forms I/O libraries, offers more flexibility and improved components. Customize forms to meet your organization’s unique requirements.

Audit, Compliance, and Data Intelligence (ACDI)

The ACDI feature provides continuous visibility into your IAM-related data. This recent addition brings a host of enhanced capabilities that were unavailable in previous versions, such as user monitoring, customizable dashboards, simplified report creation and editing, and more.

  • Real-Time User Monitoring - Gain insights through robust compliance-focused monitoring and dashboarding. Track real-time events and customize filters to observe user activities. Transparency is enhanced with live event tracking and interactive dashboards.
  • System Overview - Get a holistic view of your system health. Monitor eDirectory events, disk space, RAM, and CPU usage. Proactively detect and resolve bottlenecks before they escalate.
  • Audit Dashboard - Navigate user events and actions intuitively. Visualize e-directory data using graphics, charts, and tables. Easily search for specific objects within the interface.
  • Reporting Capabilities - Use predefined default reports to audit and monitor data and events. Create custom reports to track user object states over time.
  • Workflow Control - Review organization workflows, approvals, and denials. Oversee resource allocation and removal based on roles and permissions.
  • Security Dashboard - Track security events in real-time. Conduct forensic analysis on current and past data, including user disables, lockouts, and failed logins.
  • Time Machine - Investigate historical data, user snapshots, and attributes. Compare object states across different timelines and export data as needed.

NetIQ Identity Manager 4.9 leads the industry with advanced features that address key organizational challenges. Our identity solutions are designed to be loosely coupled yet tightly integrated, minimizing disruptions and reducing risk. The addition of ACDI further enhances Identity Manager, offering improved monitoring, auditing, and compliance capabilities.


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