3 Takeaways on Micro Focus Culture from an Security, Risk & Governance Marketing Intern

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I’ve been interning with Micro Focus as a product marketing intern for almost two months now, and the time has absolutely flown by. As part of the Security, Risk & Governance Product Marketing team, I’ve been involved with several interesting projects: a customer insight project for ZENworks endpoint management products, helped collect anonymized case studies for Voltage SecureData, helping write and publish new SEO content for multiple product pages, and many more smaller projects.

3 Takeaways on Micro Focus Culture from an MBA Intern.jpgThanks to these wide-ranging projects, I’ve had the chance to network with several of the amazing cross-functional team members who help make marketing efforts in the Security group successful.

One of the things that has most impressed me about all the teams I’ve met at Micro Focus is the people’s willingness to help! I’ve set up calls with people in Field Marketing, Sales, Digital Marketing, PR/AR, and many other areas that relate to my day-to-day as a product marketing intern. Every conversation has been collegial, and I’ve walked away (virtually of course) with the promise of “Let me know if you have any other questions.”

This probably sounds passé to some, but as I’ve talked with some of my classmates who are completing summer internships with other companies and firms, the Micro Focus experience I’m having isn’t always replicated at their companies. I’ve had classmates tell me that their manager called them out for asking “a dumb question,” that they’ve been given no support on their internship projects, or that their projects feel pointless.

In contrast, as I’ve worked on wide-ranging projects, these three takeaways have stood out in my mind:

  1. Wellbeing. In my very first all-hands meeting, Micro Focus CEO Stephen Murdoch started by talking about the company’s focus on employee wellbeing. As I’ve participated in other calls with my manager and director, that focus has remained consistent. This past week the Micro Focus intranet even focused on World Wellbeing Week and I’ve loved how that focus has helped me feel valued and supported, even as an intern.
  2. Cross-team collaboration. Collaboration across teams has been near-constant during my internship. For example, one of my summer projects requires that I work closely with sales reps to write case studies. While these reps could have been dismissive of my lack of experience, instead I’ve found that they (and everyone else I’ve communicated with) have been happy to answer questions, to provide background information, and to help.
  3. Large collegial environment. Perhaps the biggest takeaway about Micro Focus’s culture has been that it seems to remain the same, from team to team, despite the organization’s huge size. As I’ve talked with colleagues in Germany, Italy, Texas, and Utah, I’ve felt welcomed and supported.

Being an MBA intern during this time of work-from-home has been an interesting experience. But I’m grateful to be experiencing it with such a great company.


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