5 Steps to Make Application Security Seamless

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Seamless [seem-lis]
Smoothly continuous or uniform in quality: combined in an inconspicuous way
A seamless blend of art and entertainment

5 Steps to Make Application Security Seamless.pngHere we are, part three of the Seamless Application Security blog series. For those of you not in the loop (you really should be) and missed part one, What is Seamless Application Security Testing and Why is it Important and part two, Making your application security program seamless, stop now and go catch up! 

Ok, now that you’ve caught up, you understand some of the current problems with application security testing and what we at Micro Focus Fortify like to call Seamless Application Security. You also know that not only did I mentioned the “5 Steps to Make Application Security Seamless,” but I promised to break them down a little in this blog. So let’s just dive right in. 

Step 1: Develop with Security in Mind 

By finding and fixing security defects during the coding process, developers can eliminate potential security vulnerabilities before they reach testing and production, saving the organization time and money. This change in thinking requires training developers to code with security in mind and arming them with the right tools to get real time feedback about their code. For tools, Fortify Security Assistant is an IDE plugin that gives you real-time feedback as you type your code for high-confidence security vulnerabilities. Learn more in these two Fortify Unplugged videos! 

Visual Studio - real-time security with Fortify Security Assistant

Use Fortify Security Assistant in the IDE 

Step 2: Test Early, Often and Fast 

During the software development lifecycle, there are several approaches to follow in order to maintain the speed needed to keep up with releases today. These approaches are testing early, often and fast. Each of these three approaches are broken down into much more detail in our newest whitepaper, Seamless Application Security: Security at the Speed of DevOps, which I once again highly suggest you go read! 

Step 3: Leverage Integrations to Make Application Security a Natural Part of the Lifecycle 

To make application security seamless, it’s crucial to leverage integrations with your current tools throughout the entire software development lifecycle. Micro Focus Fortify is the industry leader in application security solutions and comes with the rich integration options for the entire software lifecycle, making appsec available to and consumable by fast moving teams. 

Step 4: Automating Security as Part of the Development and Testing Processes 

For Seamless Application Security, automation can be utilized in the same way as DevOps teams with security testing in order to maintain the same quality at higher speed. By automating security tests, you can create and run automated security tests just like you would unit tests or integration tests. 

Step 5: Monitor and Protect Once Released 

While addressing security as part of the development process is a great approach, it’s also vital to protect the existing applications in production. It is now imperative to continuously monitor and protect production environments for application security risks from new or rogue applications, risk profile changes, and zero-day vulnerabilities. This is done utilizing Runtime application self-protection (RASP). 

Whew, that’s a lot to take in and we just barely scratched the surface of each of these steps. For a more in depth look at these and more, go read Seamless Application Security: Security at the Speed of DevOps. 

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