A next-gen SOC requires a next-gen SIEM

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In today’s threat landscape, your Security Operations Center is working harder than ever to protect your organization from advanced cyber-attacks. And the truth is, traditional security operations tools are no longer cutting it.

A next-gen SOC requires a next-gen SIEM.pngAnalysts are now dealing with more connected devices, more data noise and more threat vectors. Security products can help, but they still have blind spots cyber criminals exploit with increasingly complex attacks. The pressure on SOCs only gets worse with increasing compliance expectations and regulations, all while criminals continue to stay one step ahead.

How do you solve these problems? You could pile on more security solutions, but it’s expensive and forces your analysts to waste time shifting between solutions. It’s inefficient and what’s worse, it can still leave you with blind spots. At the end of the day, today’s SOCs are facing an efficiency problem. Analysts have to protect a growing surface area with inefficient tools that don’t talk to each other, and react to threats quickly despite a reduction in staff.

Micro Focus understands these struggles. We’ve been working with SOCs for over 18 years, and we know what it takes for organizations to achieve intelligent security operations that address modern security challenges. 

Modern businesses need a solution that increases their visibility to match their growing data sources. They need it to reduce the staff size needed to implement and monitor security. They need it to make their security interface more intuitive, and more effective.  They need it to respond to threats immediately and absolutely. In short, they need it to make it easier to catch bad guys before they damage their company.

A next-gen SOC requires a next-gen SIEM.  There are 3 things a next-gen SIEM must have to address the needs of a modern business.

  • Open and Integrated Platform:  Make use of all the data your company is collecting with a data platform that can make sense of it all, accessible in one centralized location.
  • Simplify Delivery of Layered Analytics: Modern cyber-threats are hard to spot, and require layered analytics to catch.  Use a solution that incorporates multiple methods of detection while simplifying the process for the analyst.
  • Quickly and Intelligently Respond to Threats: Use a SIEM that can respond to threats as soon as they’re found.  Restrict access to users, send alerts and launch investigations.

It is with these goals in mind that Micro Focus offers the ArcSight Security Operations platform, and pairs it with Interset’s UEBA. The powerful correlation engine of ArcSight’s SIEM combined with machine learning from Interset’s UEBA provides the best protection your company can get, while making it easy for your analysts to gather useful insights.

To learn more about ArcSight’s Next-Gen SIEM, watch our video “Next-Gen SOC - Episode 1: Intelligent Security Operations”.



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