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We all know the drill. You wake up super early to get to the airport, cram into a tiny metal tube filled with way too many people where you are trapped for hours. Then you get to shuttle your bags to the hotel and hope you didn’t arrive when every other person is getting there too. Once you finally get settled in, the next 2-4 days are jam packed with session after session, shuffle to the food area, session after session, shuffle to dinner, head back to the hotel room, sleep and repeat. The conference life.

A Security Conference .pngLook, I’m not denying the fact that there are tons of great benefits to attending conferences in person. The networking alone is worth the hustle. But the biggest issue I have, aside from the traveling pains, is really struggling to absorb the information being presented in the sessions. Whether its people talking throughout, others getting up and down, the seats only being comfortable for about 25 seconds and there really being no room for a laptop to take notes, I just get distracted. Sure, I will still learn some stuff here and there, but the bulk of everything I hear is almost lost by the time I fly home.

Enter online conferences. Aside from the fact that most of them are much cheaper than your usual conference, having the ability to sit alone in my office and watch a presentation while taking notes is amazing. Not only that, but most online conferences I have attended give you all the presentations on-demand as well, just in case you missed something or just were so inspired you need to watch it again.

One of the first online conferences I ever attended was AutomationGuild about three years ago. At the time, I believe it was the first annual conference, which has grown quite a bit over the course of the last three years. This conference was started by Joe Colantonio. For anyone not familiar, Joe also has an amazing podcast called Test Talks, which he interviews really smart people in all areas of software testing. After the success of the first annual AutomationGuild, he has followed that up with PerfGuild, TestingGuild, AIsummitGuild and now SecureGuild.

Micro Focus Fortify is excited to announce we are the Platinum sponsor of this 1st annual online security conference taking place May 20-21. On top of that, we have two session we will be presenting that we know you will love and learn from!

Do your Pipelines remember? They must if you want to go fast with static analysis
Speaker: Jimmy Rabon

Come learn best practices for successful SAST integration and about how machine learning can help us predict the future, based on our past.

How to win over that elusive Developer
Speaker: Adhiran Thirmal

Discover the key to implementing a successful application security testing program is having buy-in from your developers, DevOps and architects.

As the proud Platinum sponsor of the 1st annual SecureGuild, we are excited to offer our audience a 30% off registration code MF30, making this already affordable conference even more affordable. Happy conferencing!


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