Application security sessions you don‘t want to miss at Micro Focus Universe

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Next month, March 17-19, is Micro Focus Universe in The Hague, Netherlands. Micro Focus Universe brings together customers, partners, and Micro Focus employees to explore, share, and network.

 Along with the keynote sessions, Technical Advisory Boards, party and more, Fortify has numerous sessions around Application Security that you don’t want to miss. In case you haven’t seen what’s to come, here are three AppSec presentations that won’t disappoint!

Fortify SCA: Modular scanning

Micro Focus Fortify has always lead the way in innovation for the application security testing space with more, such as support for new programming languages and frameworks, added in every release.
The Fortify 19.2 release premieres a new, static analysis feature called ‘modular scanning.’ This is a fundamental new approach, and achieves scans which are as reliable as full scans and fast as incremental scans – the minimum requirement for modern build pipelines.

This technical presentation and demonstration looks into this important new feature in depth. We’ll highlight the differences between incremental and modular scanning, show a practical example of modular scanning, and discuss the roadmap for this feature.

This session is primarily intended for current Fortify SCA users, and knowledge about Fortify SCA, or other SAST tools, is assumed.

Add security to your DevOps lifecycle

Organizations understand the importance of security during the development process, but implementing it in the context of DevOps, using traditional approaches like code review and penetration testing, create bottlenecks. Meanwhile infrastructural controls, such as firewalls or IPS, offer insufficient protection for custom applications.

Micro Focus Fortify portfolio customers automatically address application security, in the build pipeline, at the speed of DevOps. But how? This technical presentation looks at automatic application security testing, including SAST, SCA and DAST, while demonstrating how Fortify can implement these techniques, and be integrated with ALM Octane and Jenkins.

This session is primarily intended for those wanting to add security to their current DevOps processes, and no previous Fortify knowledge is assumed.

AppSec for Modern Development: Automation and Speed at Scale

Because applications are key to success for digitized businesses in competitive markets, modern development techniques - high speed sprints, open source components, offshore development and increased automation - focus on improving time-to-market. But what about security?

That requires an integrated, automated and Agile approach with reduced noise. Embedding security into dev and CI/CD pipelines, and providing fast, accurate results at scale, will determine application security program success.

In this session, we’ll discuss how Fortify can help businesses stay on top of threats and achieve application security at scale for both custom code and open source components.

Along with these fantastic sessions, I encourage anyone attending to revisit the tips I shared a few months back on getting the most out of an industry conference, so here they are again!

Download the Conference App

These days, most conferences have a corresponding app. If you don’t download the app before you leave, you are doing yourself an injustice. With attendees, maps, agendas and more at your fingertips, you can be a lot more prepared before you ever step on a plane to leave.

Decide What You Want Out of the Conference

Listen, I love to learn, and I love to learn about just about anything. The problem with that is I can find myself joining sessions that while they sound interesting to me, don’t really align with the real reason I am at the conference. So, before you leave, make a list of the top 3 things you want to get out of the conference. By doing that, you can align all of your plans to match those goals and save yourself wasted time.

Plan Your Sessions

Do some homework. Look through the conference schedule on the app you just downloaded because you listened to my first tip, and really think about which sessions match your conference goals. There usually isn’t a ton of time between sessions and lots of them overlap each other, so if you don’t know exactly where you want to be ahead of time, you’re going to waste time.

Use Social Media

Make sure you are following Micro Focus Security Twitter. Use our conference hashtag, “#MicroFocusUniverse Europe,” and also monitor it for up-to-date content. It’s a great way to connect to other people at the conference with similar problems, thoughts, ideas, etc. You can also see any live updates of anything that might change or find out where people you want to connect with might be hanging out. Another great thing I have used social media for during conferences is asking speakers follow up questions I might have had about their session that I didn’t get a chance to ask live.

Visit the Expo Hall

Even though most conferences are jam packed with sessions, they always give attendees the chance to visit the expo halls. Don’t waste that opportunity. There are never any other times when you have the opportunity to speak with such a wide range of smart people in your field crammed into one place.


Most of the other tips I’ve laid out have forms of networking in them, but as a whole, don’t be afraid to talk to people. If there are networking events, join them. If there are groups of people sitting around talking, join them. Connect with people. These are your peers. People in the same industry as you, facing the same problems as you. I have never met a single person at a conference that wasn’t happy to exchange information with me and there are quite a few people I regularly keep up with. Sometimes it’s just a social thing to say hey, but other times it’s asking questions or running ideas by them about my job. Plus, it’s always fun showing up at a conference knowing who might be there and making plans with them. Great things come from networking.

There you have it. If you haven’t already registered for Micro Focus Universe, there is still time! Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity and must see industry event.



The health and safety of our customers, partners, and employees is our number one priority at Micro Focus.

After careful consideration, and out of an abundance of caution, given the public health concerns surrounding the Coronavirus, we have decided to move to a Micro Focus Virtual Universe event, which will remain scheduled for March 17-19, and replace the physical event that was due to take place in The Hague. We are currently in the process of reaching out to all the customers and partners who were already registered to attend and to our event sponsors to let them know about this revised plan.  We will publish details on the agenda for Micro Focus Virtual Universe soon.

We are excited for you to join us for free at Micro Focus Virtual Universe for compelling content, peer to peer learning and some live interactive sessions with Micro Focus experts. Open to all. 

Let’s power the Digital Transformation! 


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