AppManager Now Has Browser-Based Dashboards

Like most people, I understand reams of data best with graphics – pictorial images of what the data represents. So, rather than read through pages and pages of numbers, I can look at a graph to understand the trend the data represents.

Another way to say this is – a picture is worth a thousand words….

So, what does this have to do with AppManager? We now have browser-based dashboards!!! These dashboards are designed to show how well a server is performing based upon CPU, disk and memory usage, for example. What about your SQL server environment? We have that covered – cache hit rate, blocked procs, database locks to name a few. Your network topology as well as your AppManager topology are also available.

Screenshot 2015-09-24 11.08.34

Ok, big deal, right? Well, YES it is! These dashboards are live feeds with bi-directional capabilities. Not only are you able to visually see how the server is doing, you are able to see any AppManager alerts/alarms associated with that server. Drill down for additional details. Go ahead and add your comments to each incident. And, if you need to, you can place the server into or out of maintenance mode. Jobs? Yes you are able to see those as well. Start, stop or get more details about the existing jobs associated with the server.

Did I mention graphs?? You can take any of the availability and/or performance scripts that gather data and graph them. The graph can go back as far as you retain that data and will continue to reflect the current environment.

Remember, these dashboards are also role based and will help to ensure that only the appropriate people are able to see their relative information.

Hmmmmm. Your users could really make use of these dashboards. Less of your time spent producing reports and answering questions. Now, how do you get these dashboards? What do they require to be able to run? Are there going to be more dashboards? You will need a copy of Operation Center designed to connect only with AppManager to run the dashboards. Contact your Sales Rep for that component. And yes, there will be additional dashboards available soon. Check out our out-of-the-box dashboards delivered in the latest Community Pack in the "Module Upgrade" section of the TechSupport site. You will need to login to your MyNetIQ account and then look for AppManager Community Pack within the Modules Upgrade section.

More exciting additions and changes are being made to the AppManager monitoring suite – watch this blog for the details as they become available!!


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