AppSec comes alive with the Fortify Unplugged video series

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I was in college when I saw TCBY (The Country’s Best Yogurt) post on their sign that they were playing Rush from 1-4 PM every day. Wow, I thought, playing songs from the rock band “Rush” for several hours a day, that’s dedication to Canadian rock! I was disappointed to find out it wasn’t the rock band they were playing, but rather a radio personality that had the first name Rush. Oh well. But the rock group Rush is still worthy of a daily 1-4 PM jam. One of their songs also provides excellent advice on how to tell a story—Show Don’t Tell. The reason for the rock tie-in is because Unplugged refers to playing acoustic music. The best MTV Unplugged was, of course, Nirvana.

AppSec comes alive with the Fortify Unplugged video series.pngFortify also has an Unplugged video series on YouTube that’s worth your while. Our focus is to “show, don’t tell” some of our most useful features or common questions. Our approach is to have some quick demos—not marketing fluff—that really help a prospect or customer understand how Fortify delivers seamless application security.

We’ve already heard a lot of feedback that the videos are really helpful. While some of our early videos had great content but were a little “too unplugged,” we have been trying to raise the viewing quality, too. Right now we have about 25 videos, with a solid queue of new topics to roll out. You should definitely subscribe to our Fortify Unplugged channel to be alerted as new videos are posted.

Here’s the type of videos you’ll see—we posted these 3 videos about Fortify on Demand this past week:

Some of our other popular unplugged AppSec videos include:

  • WebInspect Automation: WebInspect automation workflows use build automation tools to manage the dynamic scanning ecosystem, including QA testing and cloud deployments.

Let us know what you think. Which of our current videos are most helpful for you? What topic are we missing that would really be interesting? Leave a comment for me so I can incorporate your feedback.


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