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The RSA Security Conference is coming up quickly so I have been thinking about their 2019 theme. Better. Short and succinct. But how does one actually measure “better” as it relates to security? As RSA states – “Do we have it all figured out? Do we have all the answers? No. But we are collectively working together, piece by piece, to build something better.” Attendees will be searching for better, new solutions for all of their security challenges.

 Reviewing the agenda, I personally zeroed in on the Privacy track as I have recently joined Micro Focus’ Security, Risk, and Governance team focusing on data protection and privacy. This track will be exploring many privacy issues relating to legislative changes, cloud, social media, Big Data, and other emerging enterprise technologies and processes. One of the main reasons I made the move to Micro Focus was due to their end-to-end solutions for securing what matters most – identities, applications, and data – a much better approach especially for privacy and compliance. Because if you are not investing in solutions that can address every facet of your enterprise strategy, you might be left with a set of uncoordinated products that leave you exposed with that false sense of security – not good!

So, once upon a time, what we once previously thought of as confidential, such as an ID and credit card number, has now exploded to include all of the data that is powering our digital transformation. Financial data, customer information, health and education records, mobile and geographic location details about where we are and what we’re doing are resulting in enterprises being bombarded with many different privacy challenges:

  • Multiple regional legislations with different requirements such as GDPR, CCPA, the emerging privacy laws in Washington state, Brazil, and the states and countries that are just now working on new privacy regulations
  • Limited understanding of where their sensitive data is located, its use, and how to access
  • Inability to enforce security policy on data and identities across the enterprise
  • Concern on how privacy protection might actually hinder their digital transformation journey

Data is the most valuable asset to any organization. Therefore securing data and ensuring data privacy is critical. Organizations need to discover, classify and protect data wherever it exists and overlay who or what has access to that data, what their privileges are when doing so, to ensure the right level of risk-based security.

Micro Focus offers a single framework solution that is not only flexible but also scalable enough to address global requirements for multiple legislations, enable value, and ensure privacy. Isn’t that a better solution? Learn more by stopping by booth 4508, North Hall and having a conversation. We look forward to meeting you at RSA!


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