Calculating Risk. Find the Game-changers at RSA

by Micro Focus Employee in CyberRes

The RSA Security Conference is coming up fast! It will be in San Francisco from June 6 – 9, and CyberRes will be there! As the conference organizers promise, “It’s where the cybersecurity world comes together” and “you’ll come away with knowledge and insights that will spark ideas and help you make the game-changing decisions that will transform the way you protect the world from threats.”

Data Security at the RSA Security ConferenceCybersecurity is all about calculating risk and identifying measures to effectively address data breach and privacy non-compliance – and communicating with people at all levels who have many, many other priorities. And it’s well understood that humans do a poor job of calculating risk. The reasons are many, including basic human psychology:

  • “Optimistic bias: this is a ‘very, very basic and well-established finding in social psychology, which is that people think that their own risk is less than that of other people’s risk…Optimistic bias is the reason we order a side of bacon even though we know diets high in processed meats correlate with a higher risk of colon cancer.’…
  • False sense of control: “The more control people think they have, generally, the less worried they are. This is why, for many, driving a car seems safer than flying in a plane. The car, of course, is statistically much more dangerous...” (“Why You’re Probably Not So Great at Risk Assessment” By A.C. Shilton, June 30, 2020, New York Times)

And then there’s the decision-making system, the human brain, as Bruce Schneier says, in Wired. “The human brain is a fascinating organ, but it's an absolute mess. Because it has evolved over millions of years, there are all sorts of processes jumbled together rather than logically organized. …Our ability to duck that which is not yet coming is one of the brain's most stunning innovations, and we wouldn't have dental floss or 401(k) plans without it. But this innovation is in the early stages of development. The application that allows us to respond to visible baseballs is ancient and reliable, but the add-on utility that allows us to respond to threats that loom in an unseen future is still in beta testing. (“Why the Human Brain is a Poor Judge of Risk” by Bruce Schneier, March 22, 2007, Wired)

So what hope is there to change this situation?

Data Discovery – the Missing Ingredient to Effective Cybersecurity and Privacy Compliance

One very effective solution is to know your data – its value and its risks. Data is one of the top two most valuable assets for an organization, along with its people. Cyber-attacks have increased in severity and costs year over year for the past decade. Yet most organizations have no idea what data they have, and they have been collecting data for years and decades. At CyberRes Voltage we say, “How can you protect what matters most, if you don’t know what data you have and where it is?” With data everywhere – in file shares, clouds, databases, applications, endpoints – what’s needed is a comprehensive data discovery strategy.

Voltage Data Discovery solutions leverage AI and machine learning to find, analyze, and classify enterprise data – of all types – so it can be managed effectively through the data lifecycle. And our Data Discovery solutions deliver data insights beyond identifying the data an organization has and how it is being used.

A major benefit of Voltage Data Discovery is identifying the organization’s financial risk exposure in case of data breach. Our Data Discovery solutions can identify fields inside files, databases, and data repositories and then model financial exposure in case data is leaked.

To help illustrate both the value and risk carried by your data, we’ve introduced a simple online tool – called the Financial Risk Calculator! It enables you to answer eight questions about your data environments and then see the results. The calculator shows risk is not a fixed number but rather a bell curve and considers probabilities and industry accepted costs of breach (thanks to IRIS 2020 and Ponemon), including Privacy non-compliance fines and related costs such as consumer credit card monitoring and brand impacts.

You can see the Financial Risk Calculator now and try it out, here, on You can input different answers and re-calculate. The results are based on your estimates and ranges of impact by probability.

Data Discovery – and Then What?

Voltage Data Discovery solutions deliver data insights to better understand operational cybersecurity risks. With better understanding of their financial risk exposure, companies can take action to minimize those risks – actions such as defensible deletion, data protection, and privacy readiness. Delivering high-value business outcomes with reduced risk, secure data monetization, cost reductions, and privacy by default: these are the best ways to accelerate an organization’s data privacy and protection initiatives and achieve cyber resilience.

Join Us at RSA

Please join us at RSA to learn more about our Data Discovery Solutions! You can visit us at booth 4520 in the North Hall, or contact your CyberRes sales account manager to request a meeting with Voltage experts while you’re there. Or schedule a meeting yourself using our Meeting Scheduler website. 


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