Can a universal policy strategy solve all your security headaches?

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How do you manage your security policies today?

Are they implemented and enforced consistently across every resource? 

Chances are that your answer to the last question is a reluctant “NO” because successfully managing security policies across the entire environment from a single pane of glass is a challenge that everyone faces. Most organizations manage policies in silos, with many resources going unmanaged. Even those who utilize Group Policy within Active Directory find it very difficult to effectively leverage those authorization and authentication policies in other systems.

Can a universal policy strategy solve all your security headaches.pngThe fact still remains that all systems within your environment need some kind of policy controls – from Linux and UNIX servers to a wide variety of cloud resources such as virtual machines, SaaS, containers, etc. It becomes even more difficult when you must prepare your existing security policies for the cloud and find a way to migrate them to cloud services such as Intune.

Managing policy in so many different places is highly inefficient (sometimes impossible) and the lack of consistency opens the organization up to a great amount of risk. Bad actors are just waiting to find vulnerabilities when it comes to security policy and will exploit any gaps every chance they get.

If you are interested in what universal policy management can bring to your organization, I invite you to attend our upcoming webinar, Five steps to implement a universal policy strategy. You will learn how to transform the way you manage security policies with a brand new set of solutions from Micro Focus.

Still not convinced? 

Here are three reasons why you should register to attend the live version or to get the recording if you have a conflict:

  1. Real discussions – although we do have some slides to share, this is truly going to be a discussion with our experts. This webinar is more than just high-level marketing jargon with buzz words sprinkled in. We will talk about a real solution that you can start incorporating into your strategy today. Because we know everyone has some level of uniqueness to their infrastructure, we will also have a lot of time for you to ask your own questions to our experts.
  1. Awesome speakers – you will hear from industry experts Tim Sedlack and Danny Kim. They both know the pain associated with managing policy silos and have real solutions for you. In case you are not familiar with either of them, here are their short bios:

Danny Kim is a recognized industry expert on Security, Directory based services, Datacenter automation, and Cloud based computing. Danny has helped more than 30 Fortune 100 companies, including Bank of America, Boeing, and Wal-Mart, design and deploy their security policies, Datacenter automation, and Cloud based infrastructures. He has also architected and developed several leading Windows policy management and virtualization products which have been licensed by Microsoft, NetIQ, Citrix, HP, Sony, Toshiba and others. Danny is the CTO and a founding member of FullArmor Corp. and holds a BS in Computer Science from Cornell University. 

Tim Sedlack has a 15 year history in Product Management across operations management, compliance, security and identity and access management. He is currently the Director of Product Management for Privilege Management and Delegated Administration at Micro Focus. These products include Privilege Account Manager, Directory and Resource Administrator, Group Policy Administrator, AD Bridge, Change Guardian, and more. Prior to re-joining Micro Focus, Tim has worked at Quest/One Identity, ForgeRock and Microsoft. Tim is based in Seattle, but travels the world to visit and support customers. 

  1. Cutting edge technology – we are about to release a series of brand new solutions that the market hasn’t seen before. We are truly on the cutting edge of policy management and could help you completely transform how you manage policy within your organization today. Centrally managing your security policies can not only help you improve security, but drive efficiency and reduce the risk of a breach or failed audit.

Register now to see how to implement a universal policy strategy in our new webinar happening live on July 18.


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