CyberRes 2021 Channel Partners of the Year

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CyberRes, a Micro Focus line of business is pleased to announce our Partners of the Year for 2021.  This year, partner recognition and announcements were made during our November 2-4 GTM Sales Summit where our partners joined us as we launched plans for our new 2022 fiscal year.

“Partners are critical component in delivering and implementing CyberRes solutions”, said Eric Bernd, CyberRes VP of Channels and Alliances.  “Our partners have enabled hundreds of resources across the globe and helped lead our customers through their digital transformation and Cyber Resilient journey.   We value our partnerships and appreciate all they do.” 

This years’ awards recognize our partners for their outstanding achievements, services, and innovations.   We are proud to announce the following CyberRes Channel and Alliance partner awards for 2021:

North American (NA) Partners


Novacoast  - NA Partner of the Year!

Novacoast has a long history with Micro Focus and CyberRes and offers a deep bench of solutions engineers, technical architects, and resources to deliver Cyber Resilience.

  • Novacoast exemplified partnering with CyberRes, booking new business & building services in all pillars of the CyberRes portfolio.
  • Novacoast offers CyberRes products and solutions through their offerings including IR, Privacy/Compliance, MSP and SOC management.
  • They executed the single best live marketing event of the year, Innovate 2021 in Scottsdale, AZ, featuring CyberRes as the title sponsor.Congratulations to Novacoast on a great FY21 & looking forward to a strong FY22!

Congratulations to Novacoast on a great FY21 & looking forward to a strong FY22!

NA Partners by CyberRes Solutions Pillar

NDM Technologies

NDM Technologies – Application Security

NDM has been a long-time Micro Focus and CyberRes partner and has the experience and expertise that produces impressive results. 

  • NDM closed more Application Security transactions in FY21 than any other partner (almost 2X) and are positioned to repeat this in FY22.
  • NDM has deep bench of Application Security resources including Corbin Cabrera and an inside team who architect the solutions for our customers. Corbin’s strong sales acumen and deep technical knowledge – makes him a trusted advisor & partner working as an extension of our team.

Information First

Information First – Data Privacy and Protection

Information First has been in the Content Management space for many years and have a global reach and experience.  We look forward to future success of our new level of partnership.

  • InfoFirst reached Platinum Status in FY21 focused on our CyberRes Data Privacy and Protection solutions stack.
  • InfoFirst has achieved a year-over-year increase in sales, renewals, and support 2021 and has a robust project pipeline going into FY22.


Optiv – Security Operations

Optiv is the largest pure-play Cyber Advisory & Solutions Provider in the market and valued Platinum Partner for CyberRes.

  • Optiv has closed transactions within all four CyberRes solution pillars across US and Canada.
  • Optiv’s breadth, depth and industry expertise enables them to competently service our customers complex IT environments
  • Optiv has a strong Managed Services practice that leverages CyberRes’ Fortify solution for delivering application security.


CIS– Identity and Access Management

CIS is a Platinum Security partner and has roots in NetIQ portfolio since 1995.

  • Their motto is, “It’s all about the customer,” and has proven successful as they have nurtured a strong IAM install base of customers throughout the years.
  • CIS closed our first deal with our new Identity Governance SaaS offering with Mednax a national health solutions provider.
  • CIS was also recognized in Enterprise Security Magazine as a top 10 IAM solution provider this year.  

To each and everyone one of the CyberRes partners – congratulations! Our global network of authorized Partners is at the heart of what makes CyberRes successful.

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