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CyberRes Alliance Partner Awards

by Micro Focus Employee in CyberRes

As we start a New Year, CyberRes, a Micro Focus line of business is pleased to announce our Alliance Partners of the Year for 2021. This year, partner recognition and announcements were made at our GTM Sales Summit which took place in November. 

“Partners are critical component in delivering and implementing CyberRes solutions”, stated Eric Bernd, CyberRes VP of Channels and Alliances. “Our partners have enabled hundreds of resources across the globe and helped lead our customers through their digital transformation and Cyber Resilience journey.  We value our partnerships and appreciate all they do.” 

This years’ awards pay tribute to the superior work our Alliance Partners have done, and investments shown over this past year both leveraging our CyberRes solutions portfolio within their business models and across our mutual customers. We are, therefore, proud to acknowledge the following CyberRes Alliance Partner Awards for 2021. 

Global Alliance Partners

Global Alliance  Partner of the Year

Accenture – Application Security Partner of the Year 2021

  • Our 25+ year partnership with Accenture continues to grow and evolve to support our mutual customers. The Fortify MSSP partnership is helping to secure customers worldwide. We look forward to continuing our strategic partnership initiatives in FY22. 
Security Operations Partner of the Year 2021

DXC – Security Operations Partner of the Year 2021

  • For 30+ years DXC has partnered with Micro Focus. DXC has incorporated ArcSight into their global SOC environments building a strong base of secure customers.
  • This secure core helps successfully transform businesses in the cloud, hybrid, and legacy environments for improved customer experiences.

PwC – Identity and Access Management Partner of the Year 2021

  • PwC continues to work jointly with our CyberRes teams to build innovative solutions with the NetIQ solutions solving complex customer problems in local government customers across the globe. 
  • This is truly innovative and important as we work together in the post pandemic world to help our joint customers safe and secure. Thank you, PwC!
Data Privacy and Protection Partner of the Year

Wipro – Data Privacy and Protection Partner of the Year 2021

Wipro has been a longstanding strategic partner and through the exceptional work of our teams driven compelling Data Privacy and Protection offerings for clients globally. Wipro is uniquely positioned to help our clients tap into the power of Voltage as they build cyber security resilience with CyberRes.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) – Strong Growth – Identity and Access Management Partner of the Year 2021


  • This is to recognize the significant commitment in the partnership that has resulted in a stronger collaboration and multiple strategic customer engagements over the past year in the Identity Access and Management space.
  • We also value the efforts in the continuous upskilling of the team on the NetIQ solutions portfolio. This has helped to drive compelling Identity Access and Management solutions for our mutual clients.
Application Security Partner of the Year 2021

Wipro – Strong Growth – Application Security Partner of the Year 2021 

  • This is to recognize Wipro’s exceptional expertise on the Fortify solution that has helped to drive exponential outcomes for our mutual customers, continued dedication to driving performance through developing new service offerings and for a very strong collaboration with CyberRes in the Application Security marketplace. 

North America Alliance Partners

Fortify MSSP Partner of the Year 2021

Accenture – Fortify MSSP Partner of the Year 2021

Accenture has integrated and incorporated the Fortify solution into their core Application Security delivery platform.

  • Accenture has enabled hundreds of their practitioners across the globe on our Fortify solution, providing additional tools and expertise to deliver business outcomes to clients in FY21.
  • Accenture’s Fortify MSSP model makes it easy to quickly deliver value (and secure more applications) to their customers.
Alliance Partner Emerging Partner

PwC – Emerging Partner of the Year 2021

PwC North America has a long, successful history working with our Voltage solutions.

  • In FY21 PwC continued to jointly explore market changes and to add new use cases to help our joint customers current Data Security challenges.
  • Together, PwC and CyberRes are driving the partnership to bring threat intelligence solutions to our joint customers.
  • We are working to build problem solving solutions across the CyberRes pillars to take to market together in FY22.

International Alliance Partners

Sogeti - Emerging Partner of the Year 2021

Sogeti - Emerging Partner of the Year 2021 

  • Sogeti has invested heavily in joint GTM development and included CyberRes Identity and Access Management and Application Security solutions into their solution standards in FY21.
  • This partnership activity has resulted in joint pipeline growth in the international region that will propel our joint sales in FY22.
DXC - Cross Portfolio Partner of the Year 2021

DXC - Cross Portfolio Partner of the Year 2021 

  • As a long-standing strategic partner, DXC continues to grow with CyberRes solutions across the entire portfolio.  From Data Privacy and Protection initiatives with GTM activities, to joint Application Security pursuits, to further investment in establishing regional SOC’s internationally. These joint solutions and initiatives are helping our joint customers to solve the complex security challenges of today. Thank you for a great partnership in FY21 and we look forward to a bright and successful FY22.
PwC - Outstanding Performance Partner of the Year 2021

PwC - Outstanding Performance Partner of the Year 2021

  • PwC have embraced the CyberRes portfolio with significant market wins and developments in 2021. Crossing oceans and geographies from Denmark to Brazil to France to UK/I to Germany to South Africa.
  • We have seen PwC invest and build sustainable wins in Identity and Access Management, Security Operations Centers, Data Privacy and Protection as well as Application Security pursuits. We look forward to more rewarding partnering in FY22!

To each one of the CyberRes Alliances Partners – congratulations! Our global ecosystem of Alliance Partners is at the heart of what makes CyberRes successful. Looking forward to a great 2022!