Delivering Enterprise grade Authentication for Your Mobile workforce

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As organizations increase their dependency on their growing mobile workforce, IT initiatives are under way to expand remote access to sensitive or sensitive internal information to a wider set of users. This access may be provided through native mobile apps, mobile enabled web apps, or event remote email access, but in all cases there is an added level of exposure that needs to be addressed. In addition to the increasing number of employees/contractors that need to be managed, these users are often using personal devices. To control risk, a higher level of identity verification is required, either to manage business risk or to comply with some type of government mandate.

Delivering Enterprise grade Authentication for Your Mobile workforce.pngThinking back twenty years ago, organizations were solving some of these same types of secure remote access challenges, albeit much less complicated than it is today. Although the problem of securing access was simpler to solve, it still resulted in massive investments building out an identity and access management (IAM) infrastructure. Now with professionals accessing internal information on their on their smartphones the paradigm has shifted to purpose-built mobile apps or specialized mobile web apps. One key area of IAM that needs special attention is updating and upgrading advanced authentication across the organization to match modern mobile use cases. 

Unlike years past when multi-factor authentication (MFA) was limited to pockets of specialized users, today remote access to sensitive information has become pervasive. The time has come for organizations to modernize their authentication strategy with multi-factor and other strong technologies on a broad scale. With that in mind, this month’s IAM BrightTalk, Deploying multi-factor authentication on mobile platforms, will go into the details of making that happen using Micro Focus’ solutions. 

Joining me on this webinar will be my guest Brent Kynaston – solutions architect at Trivir, a Virginia-based Identity and Access Management (IAM) integrator. For those wanting to learn how Trivir implements Micro Focus advanced authentication, please register now; it should be an hour well spent. 

Here’s a quick recap of what Brent will be covering:

  • Know who’s accessing which resources from their mobile devices – and control it
  • Keep administrative operations performed over mobile platforms secure
  • Bring enterprise mobility management/Mobile Data Management (MDM/EMM) into the IAM infrastructure
  • Techniques for improving the access experience while increasing security
  • Tie MFA into mobile platform deployments
  • Techniques for improving the access experience while increasing security
  • Tie MFA into mobile platform deployments

As you can see, Brent’s discussion will be where the rubber meets the road, going into detail on implementing MFA using Micro Focus solutions. 

Hope to see you there.


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