Fitting Security into your Software Lifecycle

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One of the biggest challenges in Application Security programs is the friction it causes between other software teams due to the idea that security slows down speed and innovation. Business goals are to generate revenue with product and feature releases and in order for businesses to stay competitive, they can’t slow down innovation. Because of this, a fundamental principle of application security is to build security into your way of thinking and operating, making application security seamless throughout the development process for the entire organization.

Fitting Security into your Software Lifecycle.pngThis is about embedding security into the software development lifecycle as early as possible and at every stage utilizing key integrations and automation.

To learn more about how integrations and automation can accelerate your application security initiative, watch “Fitting Security into your Software Lifecycle: Automation and Integration.” In this on-demand webinar, we are joined by two strategic partners of Micro Focus Fortify. First you will hear from Michelle Dufty from Sonatype, who’s integrated open source governance platform (Nexus) helps more than 1,000 organizations and 10 million software developers simultaneously accelerate innovation and improve application security. Then you will hear Dennis Hurst with Saltwork Security, who work with companies of all sizes to adapt their application security activities to the more frequent and iterative software releases today's business demands.

Both Sonatype and Saltworks, along with us at Micro Focus Fortify, discuss how to accomplish the fundamental principles of Application Security by leveraging key integrations and automation.

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