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Fortify Employee Spotlight: Jammin’ with Jan

by Micro Focus Employee in CyberRes

At Fortify, we have an incredibly talented and diverse team. We hope you join us in taking the opportunity to get to know different members from all over our organization through the Fortify Employee Spotlight series.

Fortify Employee Spotlight Jammin’ with JanOur next spotlight highlights Jan Wienand. Jan has been with Micro Focus for a little over six years and is currently working as a Security PreSales Consultant for CyberRes, a Micro Focus line of business. In this role, Jan supports enterprise customers as well as small and medium-sized companies from the DACH region in exciting application security projects. Jan has a profound technical know-how in the area of Application Security and is a competent technical contact for companies of any size when it comes to the implementation of DevSecOps processes in the company. Please join us in getting to know Jan!

Q: Where did you grow up?

              A: In a small village in the west of Germany (near the Dutch border) 

Q: How long have you been with Fortify and how did you find Fortify?

              A: I have been working with Fortify for three years now and actually learned about application security by chance. My original background was in support for other Micro Focus products, but when I moved to pre-sales, they were looking for someone to cover the Fortify area and that's when I came into contact with the topic. 

Q: What do you do at Fortify?

              A: I work in pre-sales for the DACH region and do many different things (answer technical questions from customers, record tutorial videos for the Fortify YouTube channel, promote AppSec at exhibitions, ...). 

Q: What is your favorite thing about Fortify?

              A: The YouTube channel and the colleagues I can work with. 

Q: What is your proudest work accomplishment so far?

              A: Work together with (potential) customers on technical solutions for their requirements, hearing from colleagues, customers or partners that my YouTube tutorial videos helped them (to understand Fortify better, to install Fortify ...) and that I can learn many helpful things from so many different experienced people. 

Q: What would you like to accomplish at Fortify?

              A: I would like to make Fortify more understandable to more people and manage exciting technical projects at customers. 

Q: If you could do another job for a day, what would you do?

              A: Astronaut! I find the job really exciting and would love to fly to space on that day, of course. 

Q: What is a hidden talent you have?

              A: A funny one: I can touch my nose with my tongue. 

Q: What is your favorite family tradition?

              A: To come together at Christmas! 

Q: Favorite childhood memory?

              A: I loved playing soccer with my friends. 


Q: Beach or mountain lake vacation?
A: Mountain lake

Q: Apple or Android?
A: Apple (because of iOS)

Q: Time travel to the future or the past?
A: Future

Q: Cats or Dogs?
A: Dogs

Q: Sweet or salty?
A: Sweet

Q: Early Bird or Night Owl?
A: Early Bird, even if it is not always easy

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