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Get Rid of Cybersecurity Point Solutions with our CyberRes Foundations

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CyberRes, a Micro Focus line of business, has divided our dozens of cybersecurity solutions into four pillars. In alphabetical order, these are Application Security – AppSec, Data Privacy and Protection – DPP, Identity and Access Management – IAM and Security Operations – SecOps.

Each of these pillars contains one or more products which helps you to secure your organization, but looking at them in alphabetical order probably doesn’t help you understand the breadth of our product suite. Even well-versed cyber professionals sometimes need to get out of their own swim lane in the pool to climb up onto the lifeguard chair and look at what everyone else is doing – and offer help if it is needed.

The blind men and the elephantThe parable of the blind men and the elephant is a great way of looking at CyberRes. Suffice to say that each of the men believes the elephant to be something entirely different from every other man. Think of each man as describing a point issue without being able to describe the entire problem that your organization faces.

A key differentiator of CyberRes is that we solve the whole gamut of business security issues, unlike competitors who only sell point solutions. Yes, we are the elephant in the room and only we can offer complete coverage over all your organization’s identity, application, and data management and monitoring needs – whether on-premise, in the cloud or multi-cloud.

The CyberRes Story

In our view, security leads to compliance, not the other way around. This is proven by the fact that multiple compliant organizations successfully were hacked over the last few years.

The story starts with the facts that applications and data used to be protected inside of data centers and those data centers used to be behind locked doors, only accessible to IT professionals in white lab coats. 

But with the move first to distributed offices then to road warriors and finally to remote workers, applications and data can no longer be kept in the data center. Therefore, identity is the new perimeter and identities can be human or digital. Whatever the identity is, it needs to be authenticated and evaluated for access. This means IAM is the first chapter of the CyberRes story because it ensures the right identity with the right access. This means that rather than running a handful of point solutions, you need a complete picture of each identity across all of your systems and applications. This “single view” will allow you to:

  • Check that users only have the access that they require to perform their job.
  • Eliminate separation of duties issues which can lead to theft or fraud.
  • Monitor privileged activities such as system, network, or database management.
  • Record, flag, and terminate access if suspicious activity is detected.
  • Remove access when the identity is terminated.

From this base of identity and access, we move to application security which promotes secure development and protects running applications which access data. Data Privacy and Protection follows application security to ensure that data is protected from both outsider and insider threats who try to access it outside of applications. What if our data somehow escapes? Even an apparently successful hack is not successful if the stolen data is encrypted.

Finally, without monitoring the environment to detect, correct, and prevent future unauthorized access to identities, applications and data, we won’t know that our security infrastructure is working until data shows up on the dark web, and that is much too late.

To Sum Up

With over 56 years of expertise, more than 1,800 patents granted, and another 900+ pending, CyberRes protects the world’s largest brands. That protection extends from the insider threat and the outsider becoming the insider, promotes secure application development and finally protects the data itself in case one or more controls somehow fail.

So when you think a handful, or multiple handfuls of point solution vendors are your answer to cyber nirvana, think about what happens when something goes wrong and the finger-pointing starts. Not only do we sell software, we actually use it – every day – to run our own business and support our employees and customers. Book Travel, file an expense report, enter a building, change my payroll deductions, deposit account, add my new child to as a dependent or update health plan? All supported by single sign-on and self service password reset. If it works for us, it can work for you.

And in fact, with CyberRes and our extensive partner network girding you for battle against outsider and insider threats, the buck stops here. Visit our website today to learn more or have us give you a call by filling out this form. Our experts are standing by.


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