Getting Started with Seamless Application Security

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Seamless [seem-lis]
Smoothly continuous or uniform in quality: combined in an inconspicuous way 

Here we are at the end of this 4-part blog series all about Seamless Application Security. If you are just joining me, let’s play a little catch up on the previous 3 blogs and where you can find them!

Getting Started with Seamless Application Security2.pngWhat is Seamless Application Security Testing and Why is it Important?
In the first blog we discussed the current complexity of applications and business demands, why there is a need for a different approach to application security testing and what that looks like in the eyes of Micro Focus Fortify.

Making Your Application Security Program Seamless
The second blog of the series talks about the biggest hurdle of changing the way you approach application security testing, the culture change needed, along with an introduction to the “5 Steps to Make Application Security Seamless”. 

5 Steps to Make Application Security Seamless
Finally, the third blog dives a little bit into each one of the 5 steps introduced before. 

And here we are. The final blog, and probably the answer to the question you probably have had all along in this series. I can imagine you sitting there reading all of these reasons and steps and thinking to yourself, this sounds great and everything, but how would I even get started?? 

Having a clear path to integrated and automated application security with measurable KPIs, will increase your organization’s opportunity to succeed. So that path is important, as important as the actual testing itself. Here are a few important things to consider when building the roadmap for that journey. 

  • Identify your champion(s) for Seamless Application Security.
  • Develop your strategy and main processes before implementing.
  • Define the initial scope and key metrics, such as:

-Which applications and development teams to start with
-Whether to use SAST, DAST, or both
-Which integrations to leverage
-Whether to use application security tools on premises, on demand or a hybrid approach
-What are the expected improvements in 12 months compared to the baseline.
-Find the right tools for your organization

The culture, the people involved, and the right processes are most of the equation to a successful application security program. Those three things can get you 75% of the way there. The missing ingredient though, the missing 25%, is the tools. Micro Focus Fortify provides a flexible end-to-end Seamless Application Security solution with on premises, on-demand, and hybrid models. With measurable benefits such as: 

  • 30x faster time to market
  • 95% fewer positives
  • 10-15x faster scans
  • 10x faster remediation
  • 2x more vulnerabilities found 

Fortify continues to be the industry leader in Appsec tools. Don’t believe me? Read the Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

And if you STILL haven’t read the latest whitepaper I’ve been pitching this whole series, Seamless Application Security: Security at the Speed of DevOps, go read that now!


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