Happy Data Privacy Day! It’s a Data Security Party!

by in Security

On behalf of the team over at Micro Focus Security, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Data Privacy Day! Data Privacy Day, which is a real thing, happens every January 28.

Now, I don’t know about you, but it’s been crazy around the office, counting down to the Big Day. We were able to finish decorating our Data Privacy Day Shrub before the office party, decorated brightly with security tokens of various lengths and types. It’s a beautiful, secure, shrub and I would challenge anyone to repudiate this assertion. We take our Data Privacy Day Shrub and office party seriously and value the annual tradition of format Happy Data Privacy Day2.pngpreservation that ensures the shrubbery is safe, even at massive scale, due to its stateless nature, every year, day in, day out.

At this year’s Data Privacy Day annual party, Sally over in Accounting won the prize for best dressed state-sponsored attacker, so as a reward got a one-year subscription to Fortify on Demand. I’m sure she’ll put that to good use as she develops her new credit card payments app with point of sale terminals already protected by Voltage.

Second prize went to Dave over on the Web team who got a one-year subscription to SecureMail. He’s excited he can now send out personal greetings confidentially to all his friends and relatives, wishing them a Happy Data Privacy Day, knowing hackers won’t get in the middle and change his message to, “Have a Miserable Unsecured Content Day, Jerk!” That would be a shame and a great risk to Dave’s reputation. We wouldn’t want him to be penalized by his indiscriminate communications. There’s enough risk to his reputation at the office party already!

But really what’s most important as we celebrated Data Privacy Day is that we did it in our own special way—and comprehensively like no other major security vendor could. From the Identity and Access Management team authorizing attendees at the party to ensure they belong there to the SIEM team monitoring every activity for Data Privacy Day abusers who are behaving naughty, rather than nice. It was just great to see us all come together as a family, like a well-integrated portfolio of identity, application and data experts, to minimize attack surfaces that could spoil the party. Like spiking the punch bowl with alcoholic malware that would require us to pay the porcelain throne, if you know what I mean.

So just in closing, for me Data Privacy Day will best be remembered as the whole gang gathers around the firewall servers to read selections from our favorite white paper, “A Single Global Privacy Framework for Risk Reduction and Value Creation” because really, isn’t Data Privacy Day not just about reflecting on all the bad stuff that happens when people lose and abuse their data, but can one day look forward with the hope we all have in our hearts when data is secure and can be used to bring new value and data insights safely to the world, nay, the Universe we all hold dear? That is truly in the spirit of Data Privacy Day. To all, a Happy Data Privacy Day, enjoy your celebrations and be sure to send us pictures of your Data Privacy Day Bush for the scrapbook!


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