How to install 64-bit Novell Audit Platform Agent

by in Security

This solution is to clarify the difference between the 64-bit Platform Agent installation and the 32-bit Platform Agent installation. I have many people complaining about the Platform Agent installation.

Please note that there are two versions of Platform Agent now. One is for 32-bit platform and the other is for 64-bit platform. These two versions have been introduced with the recent release – FP6.

64-bit PA Installation

The 64-bit Platform Agent is just an rpm installation. There is no installer or installation script for installing 64-bit Platform Agent. This is just a single rpm which you can install as follows:


rpm –ivh <pa_file.rpm>


rpm –ivh novell-AUDTplatformagent-2.0.2-56.x86_64.rpm

Currently the 64-bit Platform Agent supports only Linux (SLES and RHEL).

32-bit PA Installation

The 32-bit Platform Agent is bundled with the Audit Server pack, so it has the proper installer (Install Shield Installation on Windows) and Installer script (pinstall.lin on Linux and Solaris). Using the installer you can choose the component which you want to install.

Please note that the 32-bit installer script (pinstall.lin) cannot be used to install the 64-bit Platform Agent.