Humans and Machines Podcast Blog: Blockchain and Security, featuring Lorne Lantz

by in CyberRes

Blockchain has become a household buzzword synonymous with cryptocurrency with the launch of Bitcoin over ten years ago. Originally designed to function as an open, distributed, public and secure ledger for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain has gone on to become an important cryptographic technology with applications in many domains, including security. 

 Recently, blockchain has also appeared in the news: the rise of NFT’s, or Non-fungible tokens, questions around the ecological friendliness of different blockchains, and attacks against the Ethereum blockchain.

To help us understand blockchain better, I spoke with Lorne Lantz, for our ongoing Humans and Machines podcast. The episode is titled Blockchain and Security with Lorne Lantz. Lorne has given a TEDx talk on Blockchain called New Kids on the Blockchain, and is a co-author on O’Rielly’s Mastering Blockchain. Without going into deep technical detail – there’s a book for that! – we discuss blockchain in the news, and Lorne helps us understand blockchain technology, and how it intersects security, in a simple, straightforward way. 


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