Increase your enterprise bus ROI with Guest Data entitlement

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A lot goes into having an enterprise message bus initiative, but the new Guest Data entitlement in the recent 2.30 release of ArcSight Data Platform (ADP) offers two ways that ArcSight Event Broker can increase your ROI. If you have other Kafka producing and consuming systems in your environment in addition to ADP Event Broker, then the Guest Data entitlement lets you use Event Broker to pass through additional data collected, produced and consumed by your non-ArcSight systems.

Increase your enterprise bus ROI with Guest Data entitlement2.pngThis entitlement allows you to leverage your existing Kafka-based Event Broker cluster environment as a complementary component in your Kafka initiatives or even as the main backbone system that handles both your analytics-ready security data and IT data. Of course, in order to take advantage of the Guest Data entitlement you will need to add more hardware in your Event Broker environment to handle the increase in data traffic. 

The Guest Data feature in ADP can also be used with Event Broker replication when utilizing Kafka MirrorMaker, which was certified for integration in the ADP 2.30 release. This Guest Data entitlement and the overall open interoperability delivered by ADP is one more way that Micro Focus increases your return on investment in ArcSight and your existing enterprise IT infrastructure. 

For more information on how the ADP Guest Data entitlement can help you get more out of your Event Broker cluster environment, talk to your ArcSight solution architects or sales representatives, or contact us directly.


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