Integrate Identity Governance and Administration with Workday

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Integrate Identity Governance and Administration with Workday.pngWe are pleased to announce that Micro Focus has achieved Workday certification for our integration between Workday and Micro Focus NetIQ Identity Governance and Administration (IGA). As a Workday Software Partner, Micro Focus has demonstrated a seamless integration and high level of awareness of Workday solutions to achieve this certification.

What is Workday?

Workday is a cloud-based financial management and human capital management (HCM) software solution. As a primary source of HR information, it contains critical information to support provisioning and governance processes across the organization.

The Importance of Real-Time Synchronization

Communicating and synchronizing identity information effectively across your enterprise can be a challenge. When Workday and other systems manage identity information in silos, efficiency and security are impacted. IT teams spend too much time managing disconnected systems through periodic reconciliations and manual processes. Users wait too long for access to applications and data, resulting in lost productivity. And approvers don't have the right data to make accurate review decisions, leading to rubber-stamping and far more access than is appropriate.

For effective identity governance and administration, a new approach is needed. Your organization needs the ability to detect changes as they happen in Workday. Rather than waiting for point-in-time, periodic reconciliations, policies should be evaluated against a near real-time view of your environment. This enables you to automate access to resources, with interventions needed only for exceptions. Business users can focus on high-risk items, closing the gaps that result in too much access.

Adaptive Identity Governance and Administration

The Workday integration enables NetIQ IGA customers to have a near real-time view of how Workday identity lifecycle changes impact access in other systems. As changes are made in Workday, NetIQ IGA can initiate powerful workflows in connected systems to streamline access while protecting resources. The integration also enables NetIQ IGA customers to identify and respond to changes that impact risk, taking immediate action to adapt security controls.

With the Workday and NetIQ Identity Governance and Administration integration, your organization can:

  • Detect Workday changes in real time for an up-to-date, unified view of identity and access across your environment.
  • Achieve continuous compliance by automatically adjusting access to resources, alerting managers to take action, or submitting access changes to ITSM systems.
  • Free up IT resources by translating even the most complex identity processes into automated workflows for provisioning and fulfillment.
  • Enforce governance controls, including the remediation of excessive access, orphaned accounts, and separation of duties violations.

How the Workday Integration Works

NetIQ Identity Governance and Administration provides connectors to a wide variety of systems, including on-premises and cloud-based applications, directories, and databases. A real-time, event-driven security architecture enables automatic, two-way changes throughout the ecosystem, eliminating the need for periodic reconciliation and closing the gaps and potential points of abuse.

By integrating Workday with NetIQ Identity Governance and Administration, your organization can support use cases across connected systems, including:

  • Removing a privileged user’s administrative access in Active Directory immediately after Workday shows that the user has been terminated.
  • Reassigning expense approval responsibilities after a manager leaves the organization.
  • Triggering a micro-certification for a user who is in a transition period between roles but has outlier access that does not fit into either role.

As part of a comprehensive identity governance and administration program, the Workday and Micro Focus certified integration enables your organization to accelerate business, govern access to resources, and adapt to risk. This flexible, scalable, and powerful foundation enables you to manage identities and govern access across your enterprise landscape.

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