It’s 2022? Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

by Micro Focus Employee in CyberRes

In today’s digitally charged world, the amount of data being generated is increasing at breakneck speed. And the most difficult data for companies to process is unstructured data. Unstructured data is growing in volume by more than 50% a year, and according to IDC, it will form 80% of all data by 2025. Unstructured data fills up storage infrastructure, increasing storage costs and adding additional data risk.

Do You Know Where Your Data Is?Unstructured data can come in both textual formats and non-textual formats (e.g., video, audio, and image) and is generated by both people and machines. Unstructured data can be public or confidential information. Digging deeper into unstructured data, highly regulated organizations must discover possible compliance issues before they have a negative impact on business.

Finding Unstructured Data

Organizations have difficulty finding sensitive unstructured data efficiently. Data efficiency and optimization across unstructured data starts with understanding what data you have and where it is stored. Through data mapping, you can use file analysis to identify where all your data is located and identify “dark data” that is misplaced, orphaned, duplicated, obsolete, or trivial. Projects that leverage file analysis provide faster return on investment by actively deleting or optimizing data that serves no value to the organization. 

Knowing what data an organization has is the first step to becoming compliant to privacy regulations, cutting costs of data storage, minimizing the risk of sensitive data, and minimizing data growth. With an understanding of company data, an enterprise can manage who has access to sensitive data, minimize redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data, and ensure compliance to privacy regulations. Additionally, organizations should have an ongoing automated process to constantly discover, analyze, and classify data to stay compliant. 

File Analysis Suite

CyberRes - a Micro Focus line of business, provides a File Analysis Suite (FAS) that enables organizations to quickly find, secure and protect unstructured data. Using AI-driven analytics, FAS can identify and analyze data to discover sensitive data, regulatory risk involved, and provide insight to enable organizations in creating audit and privacy regulation response plans.

File Analysis Suite is a SaaS solution that can be deployed in both public and private clouds (contributing to faster time to value) and supporting transparent file encryption to secure information sharing for data in use. This SaaS solution cuts down the costs of data storage, along with a reduction in CO2. Identifying the risk level of unstructured data also enables organizations to archive or delete ROT data.

IT services provider WyldLynx, a Micro Focus Partner, writes, “We have worked with Micro Focus for many years and are delighted to bring this latest revolution in data management to our Australian clients. By creating data transparency and security we mitigate risk and realize cost savings for our clients. Within just a couple of days we can help our clients set the right data parameters for them and get them up and running. FAS will start scanning and categorizing the data straight away with automated follow-up actions based on an agreed rule set.”

Unstructured data is the most abundant type of data by far and is growing at a rate of 50% per year. Do you want to learn how you can quickly determine the amount and location of your organization’s sensitive unstructured data for compliance, protection, and deletion? Now you can. We offer a Free Live Demo of the File Analysis Suite SaaS solution to existing, as well as prospective customers.

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