Kuppingercole Takes notice of NetIQ Access Manager

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Current business needs have driven corporations to get more out of their identity and access management (IAM) infrastructure which too often has been incomplete or antiquated. Today, organizations need a modern IAM infrastructure to effectively protect their private information, collaborate with their partners, and especially interact with their digital customers. And as IoT continues to work its way into various markets, it’s yet another factor in why organizations need a modern IAM to manage and secure those devices as well.

Kuppingercole Takes notice of Micro Focus Access Manager.pngWhile I think that many know that the technology behind NetIQ Access Manager has technological roots that spans decades, what most fail to realize is that because it also supports the latest APIs and federation protocols, IT organizations have the best of both worlds in bridging the old with the new. This is important because as departments and divisions push more requirements onto their organization’s IAM infrastructure, the level of complexity rises with it. Needs like advanced onboarding and consumer identity and access management on scales never seen before are forcing organizations to update their architecture. As are international businesses as they respond to new requirements where identities ubiquitous and accurate for robust access requirements of their essential and often prized resources. It’s in this backdrop that KuppingerCole compared and rated NetIQ Access Manager in their report, 2019 Leadership Compass for Access Management and Federation

KuppingCole’s report provides an overview and analysis of both traditional Web Access Management as the ever important need to provide Identity Federation. This report is heavier on on-prem solutions even though the vendors reviewed does have some level of cloud capabilities. One of the reasons that NetIQ Access Manager (NAM) does so well in this review is because they do a good job vetting out all the different ways that organizations use the gateway. As such, it’s no surprise that the report acknowledges NAM’s comprehensive capabilities as well as Micro Focus's enterprise worthy technical support. I would have liked to have seen it pointed out that NAM's risk engine is included inside the gateway without the need to deploy anything else, and that is straightforward to set up.

Another area where I would have given Access Manager far more credit than explained is the multi-factor authentication capabilities that you get free. Although KuppinggerCole makes note that you must pay to get the full advanced authentication capabilities, all the multi-factor authentication features included in other offerings is free with Access Manager. The pay-for version of Advanced Authentication supports far more configurations and methods than most other competing products on the market.

If you’re looking to upgrade your IAM environment, this Compass report is definitely worth a read, but to get the full scope on NetIQ Access Manager nothing beats a visit from your local Micro Focus rep. Contact us today or download your free trial of Access Manager.


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