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As you prioritize what security trends you want to learn about at this April’s RSA Security Conference, it’s worth pointing out that if your organization is like most, you’re still struggling to maximize interaction with your digital users, both internal and external (i.e., customers/citizens). As business owners struggle to capitalize on the wave of change fueled by digital transformation, knowing how to take the next step in security can be confusing. To make your organization easier to do business with while maintaining security, Micro Focus takes an identity-centric approach that gives you the flexibility to deliver identity and access management across your entire set of services, both private and public.  

IAM RSA SQ.jpgBeyond the need to provide secure, convenient access for users, regulations mandate companies demonstrate they are appropriately governing user access to critical systems and data, or face fines. Because of this, access governance programs have evolved into a tedious, misunderstood compliance project to appease auditors. The result of this is rampant rubber-stamp approval of every users’ privileges while vulnerabilities remain. According to the most recent Ponemon Cost of Cyber Crime Study, half of all organizations surveyed have invested in access governance, the top security enabling technology deployed. But it falls to fourth on the list in terms of ROI, coming in at a meager 13%. 

A well designed identity governance solution provides a business-friendly interface built on a common governance model that spans all of your business processes relating to identity, access and certification. This gives you the ability to demonstrate compliance to your executives and be confident your access recertification campaigns are done right. For example, one key metric demonstrating business value is the number of access revocations that take place following an access review by line of business managers, resulting in actual risk reduction. To increase revocations, better information and risk-based prioritization need to be provided to busy business managers, so they understand the implication of certifying high-risk access. 

What You Can See at the Micro Focus booth at RSA

If your organization is still grappling with the digital transformation shift, you owe it to yourself to stop by Booth #3417 North Expo and check out Micro Focus’ identify-powered solutions. If you’re like many IT organizations, your identity and access management is siloed and disconnected from security management. Micro Focus’s identify-powered solutions span across identity governance, access management and authentication, user monitoring with a special emphasis on privileged users. 

While there, be sure to see our session “Detection of Authentication Events involving Stolen Enterprise Credentials,” on April 20.  Are you aware that most malicious activities inside enterprise networks often use stolen credentials? Find out why the detection of such authentication events register as a classification problem and see the demonstration of the scalability and reliability of our machine learning-based approach on a Los Alamos National Labs data set. If you are coming to the conference, don't miss this IAM session. 

The Micro Focus Security team is offering a free pass into the RSA exhibit hall.  Use promotional code X8SMCRFCS when you register for an expo pass. Hope to see you there!


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