Live Webinar | Security and Privacy: Two Sides of the Same Coin?

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October 2019 is around the corner. It’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM)—again, as is every October. This year the focus is on a message that promotes personal accountability and proactive behavior. For Enterprise, the message is “if you collect it, protect it: keeping customer/consumer data and information safe.” It’s crystal clear data privacy and protection laws are increasing the risks and impacts of regulatory noncompliance and data breach.

Live Webinar Security and Privacy Two Sides of the Same Coin.jpgAt the same time, data volumes are exploding and data collection is overwhelming. Technologies and fast-developing tools for data analytics are driving the need for privacy to be built-in to analytics platforms and processes, not an afterthought. But do privacy regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and GDPR actually mean you can’t safely analyze highly sensitive customer data—or at least, not at any scale? Privacy and security have often been viewed as mutually exclusive. But aren’t they really two sides of the same coin? To what extent can you have one without the other?

To begin October right, in the spirit of NCSAM, and to hear the Micro Focus point of view, please join us for this Information Security Media Group webinar on October 2nd presented by Micro Focus. I am excited to be one of the speakers and wanted to share that we will be talking about what our Data Security team is seeing in the market right now with the journey our customers are making. It’s not a seminar on regulations but we’ll discuss key concepts to clarify the relationship between privacy and security, and to take a simplified approach to onboarding privacy and protection. We’ll also cover in detail how a major multi-national retailer is doing customer analytics in the cloud, safely, with privacy built-in – and describe their journey to get value from customer data for business transformation.

Start the celebration of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month off early by registering for our Data Security and Privacy webinar happening on October 2nd.


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