Making your application security program seamless

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Seamless [seem-lis]
Smoothly continuous or uniform in quality: combined in an inconspicuous way
A seamless blend of art and entertainment 

In my previous blog in this AppSec series, I touched on why there is a need for a more seamless approach to application security, the benefits to this approach and how we discuss all of this and more in our newest whitepaper, Seamless Application Security: Security at the Speed of DevOps. 

Without stealing all of the thunder of that whitepaper, which you should totally go read now, here are the main points discussed in detail: 

  • The Current Application Security Problem
  • These Problems Will Only Continue to Grow
  • Why the Traditional Application Security Practices Won’t Succeed
  • What Is Seamless Application Security?
  • How to Make Application Security Seamless for Your Organization?
  • 5 Steps to Make Application Security Seamless
  • Getting Started 

Making your application security program seamless sq.jpgAgain, if you missed my last blog, What is Seamless Application Security Testing and Why is it Important?, I discussed at a very high level the current problem, the growing need for a new approach and what Micro Focus Fortify calls Seamless Application Security. While that all sounds nice, how does an organization realistically make their application security program seamless? 

Success with Seamless Application Security takes time and effort, but the biggest hurdle to overcome is the culture change needed to include security throughout the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC). It’s important to remove the friction between security teams and developers. Just like in DevOps, teams have to break down the silos between them, embrace transparency and collaborate together. While that’s easier said than done, having executive buy-in and some key champions within the organization can help drive this initiative. 

Is that it? Sorry to burst your bubble, but no. Beyond the culture change needed, there are, what we consider, “5 Steps to Make Application Security Seamless”. But what are the 5 steps you might be asking! Lucky for you, I’m listing them right now. 

  • Step 1: Develop with Security in Mind
  • Step 2: Test Early, Often and Fast
  • Step 3: Leverage Integrations to Make Application Security a Natural Part of the Lifecycle
  • Step 4: Automating Security as Part of the Development and Testing Processes
  • Step 5: Monitor and Protect Once Released 

Unfortunately, I won’t be breaking down each step here (again, trying not to steal the whitepaper’s thunder). In my next blog of this series, we will touch on each of these steps, have some considerations to make for each step, and further discuss why you should totally go read this whitepaper! 

Seamless Application Security: Security at the Speed of DevOps 

We made it easy to speak to one of our AppSec experts on how to make your application security program seamless.


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