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Malware Is Still Out There. Here’s How to Make Sure You Don’t Need to Care.

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With the focus and current concern around the rise in Ransomware, the spotlight on malware often disappears. With recent news however, there is a reminder that this is still an issue to stay on top of, if you have the need in your organization to care. In this recent article from CyberScoop it was reported that in 2021-2022 malware first seen in 2017 was used to obtain over 167,000 credit card records worth over $3.3 Million. Of interest is that this malware is still currently active and is likely still obtaining payment records today, especially in the United States. You can read about the details in this article from Group-IB, where they have the statistics of what they reviewed and where the problems are found.

Malware is still out thereFor those that have an environment that doesn’t directly protect payment records with up-to-date technologies such as format preserving encryption, there is a lot to care about.

  • Does your environment have this malware?
  • Can you detect this malware?
  • Has this malware already caused damage to your environment or obtained sensitive data without your knowledge?
  • Is your Anti-Virus/Malware software up to date?
  • Are all your systems fully patched?
  • Have you reviewed your firewall logs appropriately?
  • Are there any rogue user ID’s with unusual activity?
  • Is your industry more at risk to any particular threats?

This list of things worth looking at continues beyond far beyond this short list and typically beyond the ability for most organizations to keep up with.

While all organizations should of course have each of those questions addressed in order to maintain a resilient position to cyber threats, there are many organizations who don’t care about this malware news. Customers leveraging Voltage SecureData Payments, for example, have the sensitive payment data encrypted in a way that the malware can’t access it.  For them, this specific malware is harmless since it happens to be focused on payment data. However, Voltage is also used to encrypt other data, protecting all different types of data, even if cyber criminals get in for whatever reason and for however short the access may be.

Naturally the goal is to protect environments from the many threats of today’s modern world, but the concept behind Cyber Resilience is to be able to withstand even a successful breach and bounce back to normal with little to no significant impact. CyberRes has the ability to answer all of the above questions and provide a resilient cyber environment; protect the data, monitor the network for threats, develop secure software, control access and much more.

So, if you happen to care about the malware, let us know how we can help. If you think you might have some areas of your cyber security posture that need a review so you can be sure you don’t need to care about Malware, we can help with that too. If you truly don’t care at all, then you should be congratulated – and please help out those around you too!

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