Micro Focus: a leader in Data Security Portfolio Solutions

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Don’t take our word for it, read Forrester’s latest report on Data Security Portfolio Vendors, The Forrester WaveTm: Data Security Portfolio Vendors, Q2 2019.

Micro Focus a leader in Data Security Portfolio Solutions.pngEvaluating the 13 most significant data security portfolio software vendors, Micro Focus received the highest score possible of five in the Discovery criteria, and was the only vendor to achieve this. In fact, Micro Focus received the highest scores possible in 10 out of 17 criteria in the “current offering” section (note that not all criteria are shown in the report).

Micro Focus is generally recognized as a leader in Discovery, and offers a solution which covers the discovery of all data types and formats, both structured and unstructured, as well as the possibility of a single pane of glass for business users to have an enterprise view across all data. Such are the advantages of working with a portfolio vendor. MicroFocus has also been recognized in a recent Gartner, Market Guide for File Analysis Software, February 2020 as a Representative Vendor.

Another highest score possible for the Forrester report which was received by Micro Focus is in the Obfuscation criteria, which looked at what types of encryption is available and how keys are managed as well as other capabilities such as dynamic data masking. We believe this is certainly due to the patented Voltage SecureData format preserving encryption capabilities, and the ability of Structured Data Manager to transform and dynamically mask any structured data. The score was a five even though the report did not take into consideration the new SmartCipher offering, which now brings that obfuscation functionality to unstructured data and endpoint. The ability to encrypt all data types is a strength again only available to a portfolio vendor such as Micro Focus.

Data Intelligence and Access Control were two other criteria where we received the highest score possible, here referring to Arcsight and NetIQ technologies.

In the Strategy area, Micro Focus is again one of only three vendors to score a five in “Data Security Vision and Strategy.” Execution and roadmap scores make the vendor fall behind the pack, possibly due to recovery from a recent merger. At any rate, not included in the report was the new File Analysis Suite (FAS) offering: a Micro Focus SaaS solution to data management needs. This innovative solution at the heart of Micro Focus’s data security governance strategy was not considered for this report as it was launched early 2020, probably affecting the strategy rating considerably.

Vendors chosen for this study had to be considered “portfolio” security vendors, meaning they are not niche offerings but wide portfolio solution vendors that can cover a large part of customer’s security needs. Eight key security functionalities were determined which aligned with the Forrester data control framework. Vendors had to cover at least six of those eight offerings: in the case of Micro Focus, we believe all were covered.

We believe this study supports the company messaging of “stronger together”: Micro Focus customers can be assured of a complete coverage when turning to the vendor with their security concerns. Importantly, the full coverage offered is also top class.  

We believe the number of highest possible scores received by Micro Focus relative to the other vendors evaluated, as well as the breadth of its offering, explains the recent trend of customers choosing to work with Micro Focus to tackle popular privacy projects. Recent privacy legislation has made corporations more aware of data management and security needs, and they are turning to Micro Focus for a one-stop and timely solution to mitigate these risks.

A fair analysis of this Forrester report also has to point out weakness: Micro Focus deletion capability cost the vendor. Regarding that point, this author is certain that had the Content Manager offering been included in the products reviewed, the leading archival, retention, and compliance deletion solution used by military organisations and governments worldwide, the deletion score would have been affected.

Analyst reports from Forrester are widely recognized in the industry, and used by customers and peers to define a software vendor’s capabilities and success in the market.

The Forrester report from 2019 is the latest of this kind, making these results recent as well as positive. To summarize the good news from this Forrester report:

  • Micro Focus was the only vendor to receive the highest score possible in the Discovery criteria
  • Micro Focus was one of three vendors to receive a 5/5 in Data Vision and Strategy criteria
  • Micro Focus scored in the top two in the current offering category
  • The new FAS and SmartCipher strategic releases were not included in this portfolio
  • Micro Focus customers can be assured of a complete coverage for their security concerns

We can’t wait to see what new security solutions Micro Focus will be offering the market in 2020


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