Micro Focus Cybersecurity Summit 2019 – Coming to the Great State of Texas!

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We Texans are so excited that the Micro Focus Cybersecurity Summit 2019  will be held (clap, clap, clap, clap) deep in the heart of Texas – Dallas, June 11-13.

 Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to develop your skills, build your network, and learn how to take a holistic, analytics-driven approach to security.

Keep in mind that everything is bigger in Texas so be prepared to be amazed by customer speakers, deep product insight, executive meetings, networking, and education. Customers and prospects attend free of charge, but space is limited! Register now!

The eyes of Texas are on definitely on this premier conference focused on Data Security, Breach Defense, and Privacy. Be sure and check out these Data Security and Privacy sessions:

  • Key shifts in the privacy & data protection environment
    • Join this session with PwC and Micro Focus to learn about the challenges in privacy and data protection.
  • Panel Discussion - Protect & scale your data analytics
    • In this roundtable discussion with Micro Focus customers and product leaders, you’ll learn more about how data protection scales - on premises and in the cloud – to protect information and privacy without slowing down the speed of business.
  • Double down on data: Effective breach defense accelerates data privacy
    • Can a breach be good? Effective breach defense solutions address problems technology created in the world of digital commerce today. What is next?
  • Customer information management: Value creation with privacy in mind
    • Learn about new. Integrated solutions to help solve personal and sensitive data discovery and classification, access controls, audit, and protection that offer an end-to-end strategy for success.
  • Privacy & collaboration with built-in data protection
    • Join this session to hear how to gain control over unstructured data and file usage, proliferation, and disposition across platforms.
  • An enterprise strategy & global framework for data protection
    • With years of experience and insights to offer, Worldpay will share best practices for implementing robust key and secrets management and data-centric security implementation to protect cardholder data and address other personal privacy use cases.
  • SecureData Sentry: Data Protection for SaaS & COTS applications
    • Join this session for a deep dive into SecureData Sentry with product experts on how to extend your data-centric security strategy across your network and to include applications you do not control.

Music. Art. Tacos. BBQ. Craft beer. This city has it all. If you’re not from around the DFW area, you might associate it with ranchers, football, and horses. For starters, you wouldn’t be totally wrong. But there is so much more to Dallas than the average Texan stereotype. The city is bustling art and music, breweries, to festivals, to indie film theaters, to botanical gardens, to aquariums, museums…the list goes on.

Don’t mess with Texas!  Please register for the Cybersecurity Summit now and be sure to stop by to say “Howdy” to me in Dallas.


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