Notes Driver Support for XDS Attribute Types and Field Data Types


What XDS attribute types and Lotus Notes field data types does the driver support?


The NotesDriverShim can handle the following XDS attribute types (i.e. type="string"):

  • counter

  • int

  • string

  • time

The NotesDriverShim does not handle any "structured" attributes, with the exception of the eDirectory Facsimile Telephone Number attribute. The NotesDriverShim accepts this structured attribute by accepting the faxNumber component as a string, and ignoring the faxBitCount, and the faxParameters components.

ndsrep can publish the following Notes database field data types:

  • Number

  • Number List or Range

  • Text

  • Text List

  • Time/Date

  • Time/Date List or Range

Notes databases support many other field data types, most of which store data in a specialized or custom format. If the Notes driver is configured to synchronize a field whose type is not listed above, and then ndsrep attempts to publish this field, it will not be able to do so. It will output a string similar to the following:

"Item FieldXYZ on Note FCE56B26A76B072C1256639003A440F is an unsupported type, skipping" 

The following is a simple driver data type mapping table:

|XDS attr type | Notes data type|
|counter | Number |
|int | Number |
|string | Text |
|time | Time/Date |