On World Chess Day, learn how Snowflake + Voltage SecureData can help you avoid checkmate

by Micro Focus Employee in CyberRes

World Chess DayOn December 12, 2019, the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed July 20 as World Chess Day to commemorate the International Chess Federation (FIDE) establishment in Paris in 1924. This globally recognized strategic board game gained popularity during the pandemic thanks to the Netflix series "The Queen's Gambit." The series left us wanting more as Beth, the main character, looked directly into the camera before starting a chess game and said: "Let's Play." You can compare this powerful scene to any battle cybersecurity teams face when trying to anticipate a cybercriminal's next move. However, before starting the game, let us make sure your most sensitive data is protecting to avoid a disastrous checkmate.

Why is chess linked to cybersecurity? 

Chess has been compared time and time again to cybersecurity by industry experts worldwide. A quote by one of the most famous chess player and writer, Rudolf Spielmann, can help you understand why this comparison is being made:

Chess Quote

This quote is accurate for both chess players and cybersecurity professionals. In a recent security blog, To bring strategy back into your security, turn to chess, Ramsés Gallego mentioned that your cybersecurity strategy needs three moves to avoid checkmate: Manage IdentitiesSecure Applications, and Data Protection. He also explains that companies have been through a wave of rapid digital transformation over the last year, which has been more tactical than strategic for good reasons. Organizations' IT infrastructures added more tools and more cloud capacity to keep up with the demand, increasing your chances of a data breach. 

The role of data privacy and protection in a cyber chess game

As mentioned in Rudolf Spielmann's quote, players divide a chess game into three distinct phases, Opening, Middlegame, and Endgame. Voltage SecureData + Snowflake helps you tackle the game's Opening portion by setting up the security program to help protect your sensitive data (castling your king). 

The protection of the "crown jewels" at the source (data-centric protection) is a crucial strategic move in cybersecurity. Your data protection strategies can be compared to the Queen, keeping your King protected during attacks. Crown jewels data are defined as the most valuable data, personal data (PI/PII) and protected health information (PHI), as well as payment card information (PCI). Preserving data privacy in the age of cloud analytics can be challenging. However, we can help you succeed as you move towards the Middlegame of your cyber chess game by equipping you with the right strategies and solutions to avoid checkmate.  

Equipping your Opening strategy with Snowflake + Voltage SecureData

In March 2020, at Micro Focus Universe, we announced a new partnership between Snowflake and Voltage SecureData. Since this announcement, our goal has been to build an integration that allows you to utilize two key allies to expand your cloud data protection strategies to unleash the value of your data.

During our webinar, Snowflake + Voltage SecureData – The Solution to Secure Cloud Analytics, taking place on World Chess Day (July 20) at 8 AM PDT, you will learn how Snowflake + Voltage SecureData can drive innovation and business value through this integration (you can watch the on-demand recording after July 20, too).

For this webinar, join Vikas Jain from Snowflake and Alistair Rigg from Micro Focus to understand how to remain in control of your data security while you run analytics at scale, employing persistent Format-Preserving Encryption and Anonymization techniques in conjunction with Snowflake's native security provisions. Remove the obstacles to analytics on customer data. Benefit from referential integrity of protected data in multiple Snowflake accounts. Enable multi-cloud data portability and secure information sharing. In summary, prepare an effective Opening strategy for a hybrid IT chess game.

Find out more about the Snowflake + Voltage SecureData integration

Voltage SecureData for Snowflake offers strong protection for data at rest, in motion, and in use. Using Snowflake and SecureData together, organizations can protect any structured data type while having minimal impact on the analytics, data science, and data sharing communities. Using Voltage SecureData, Snowflake users can use any query tool or other business intelligence solutions. 

By integrating Voltage SecureData with Snowflake, you get all the benefits of Snowflake’s cloud analytics platform with the safety and protection that Voltage SecureData provides, such as: 

  • FPE, a next generation high performance format-preserving encryption for virtually unlimited data types.
  • IPS 140-2 and Common Criteria validated solution; sensitive data is protected with NIST-Standard FF1 AES encryption.
  • Complete control of cryptographic keys.
  • Pseudonymized and anonymized data for privacy and regulatory compliance without losing the data’s intelligence.

For more details on the integration and our partnership with Snowflake, please visit our Snowflak + Voltage webpage, where you will find related resources. We look forward to having you join us forWorld Chess Day on July 20 at 8 AM PDT for our Snowflake + Voltage SecureData – The Solution to Secure Cloud Analytics webinar.


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  • I agree 100% with the sentiment behind the post and the analogy but, "However, we can help you succeed as you move towards the Middlegame of your cyber chess game by equipping you with the right strategies and solutions to avoid checkmate" I would argue a strong defensive base in chess or cybersec is not to avoid defeat it’s to achieve victory be that checkmate in a game of chess or being more agile and beating competition is deriving value from data when using cloud analytics.