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OpenText’s Voltage Joins the HPE GreenLake Marketplace to Deliver Enhanced Cyber Security for Hybrid Data

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OpenText and Hewlett Packard Enterprise defend against data analytics breaches across edge to cloud locations.

OpenTextTm is pleased to share Voltage SecureData data protection platform is now available on the HPE GreenLake Marketplace, a curated ecosystem of partners, that enables customers to deploy software on top of the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform. As a strategic HPE Gold Alliance Partner, OpenText’s Cybersecurity business unit, formally CyberRes, continues its collaboration with HPE, a partnership that unlocks more value from data and secures enterprise data against malicious attacks.

Voltage SecureData offers an end-to-end, data-centric approach to enterprise data protection. It is the only comprehensive data security platform that enables organizations to protect data over its entire lifecycle — from the point at which it’s captured, throughout its movement across an extended enterprise, all without exposing live information to high-risk, high-threat environments.

The partnership includes validation with HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Software, designed to conquer hybrid data challenges with corporate-wide visibility, seamless access to data across edge to cloud, and built-in encryption of data at rest and on the wire. Voltage SecureData’s proven data-centric approach to protection reduces the cost and complexity of issuing and managing certificates and keys across hybrid environments by allowing access policies to travel with the data without impacting data format or integrity. 

“We are beyond excited to launch Voltage SecureData in HPE GreenLake Marketplace,” said Anna Russell, Worldwide VP for the Voltage Portfolio at OpenText Cybersecurity. “The validation with HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Software enables global organizations to manage risk, achieve regulatory compliance and accelerate their edge to cloud initiatives without exposing their sensitive data to increased risk.”

Voltage SecureData’s process of replacing personal identifiable information with artificial identifiers, or pseudonyms, delivers the highest standard in cybersecurity to customers using data analytics to unlock insights across edge to cloud.

For more information please see how Voltage SecureData can now be accessed in HPE GreenLake Marketplace and view our joint solutions flyer.


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