Optimizing and Maturing an AppSec Program

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Many organizations today that have an AppSec program in place use the guidance and projects provided by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). One of the most used projects by OWASP is their Top 10 vulnerabilities categories. Our Software Security Research team recently found that over 60% of the applications they had one or more critical or high-severity security flaw NOT covered by the OWASP Top 10. So, organizations that only test or mitigate security risks found within the Top 10 are still very vulnerable. While this is a great way to get you started, reaching the level of maturity is often a more complex effort.

Optimizing and Maturing an AppSec Program.pngTo reach true maturity, organizations really must embrace AppSec as part of its cultural fiber. Application Security includes employees, competitors, processes, products, vendors, regulations and practice. Because of all those factors, AppSec is a never-ending journey and engagement.

To learn more, watch “Optimizing and Maturing an AppSec Program”. In this on-demand webinar, we are joined by two Micro Focus Fortify specialists. First you will hear from William Hernandez, Senior Architect for Worldwide Delivery, Strategy & Capability, discussing steps and best practices for maturing your AppSec program. Then you will hear Stan Wisseman, Business Development Director for all Security Products within Micro Focus, who will discuss three use cases where Fortify assisted organizations in maturing their AppSec program.

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