Prime Care Technologies Raises the Bar for IT & Security Management

 Prime Care Technologies, a trusted service provider for Fortune 1000 and Healthcare companies, recently set out to consolidate and standardize their approach to security and administration. In pursuit of achieving and maintaining HIPAA compliance, streamlining their operations, and securely servicing their customers, Prime Care Technologies turned to NetIQ to help them secure, manage and automate their IT practice to improve return on investment for customers and further establish trusted relationships.

Focused on delivering superior service to their customers, Prime Care Technologies needed to standardize and automate the administration of Active Directory and other common administrative tasks. Requiring a scalable approach to administration to support their growing business, Prime Care Technologies also sought to standardize the process of detecting unauthorized change and performing forensics analysis to quickly remediate events before they pose a threat to customers. They knew that by eliminating inconsistent administration practices, they could more effectively and securely meet customers’ needs.

Additionally, Prime Care Technologies sought to improve the accuracy and integrity of their billing practices. Much of their billing is based on the number of user accounts they are servicing for a customer, and inactive or unnecessary accounts often led to inaccurate billing – one of their biggest challenges. As a result, Prime Care Technologies needed a more manageable and accurate approach to auditing and reporting active user accounts and billing for them.

As explained by Ron Piper, director of Technology Services. "After exploring a number of solutions, we determined that NetIQ could deliver the best integrated and automated solution for implementing IT controls, delegated administration, comprehensive reporting and troubleshooting. With NetIQ, we can standardize on a single solution and increase reliability and accuracy while reducing our own workload—ultimately enabling us to deliver maximum value to our customers."

We are thrilled that Prime Care Technologies tapped us to automate and improve their administration and service offerings, and we look forward to helping their team better address customer needs while reducing the administrative burden often accompanying security and Active Directory management.


Identity & Access Mgmt