Privacy and Data Protection, Regulatory Compliance - Yes, You Can Have it All

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There is a lot more data at risk today than there has been in the past. The explosion of personal data being collected, harnessed and used means that companies have to be increasingly aware of how they manage it.  Additionally, there has been an expansion of global requirements like the GDPR, the upcoming California CCPA law and Brazil's LGPD law. How to keep it all straight and keep your company out of hot water?

Privacy and Data Protection.jpgOne thing you can do is educate yourself by watching this on-demand PwC and Micro Focus Webinar “Discover key shifts in the privacy and data protection environment,” to learn more about the approaches, methodologies and technology that can help you face your data privacy and protection challenges. Joint presenters are Manuj Lal, Director Cyber & Data Privacy Practice for PwC, and Nathan Turajski, Director, SOC & Data Security, Security, Risk and Governance Solutions for Micro Focus. Topics discussed in the webinar are:

  • Protecting the digital enterprise
  • Personal data assessments
  • Effectively safeguarding personal data
  • Enabling the “right to be forgotten”
  • Challenges in privacy and data protection
  • PwC’s and Micro Focus approach and methodology for meeting these challenges head on
  • How to use technology to enable and support your overall security program

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Only time to listen? What a great way to get educated while you are out driving around or sitting back to relax. Download our Podcast of the above Privacy and Data Protection overview to hear how PwC and Micro Focus meet data and privacy challenges head on. Listen here:

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Additionally, check out these two whitepapers for even more information, How GDPR enables enterprise to succeed and There’s a 20% chance you could be next week’s data breach scandal.

Data is the currency of successful business. The EU GDPR sets the foundation for how multinational organizations protect, and derive value from, sensitive customer information. In this new GDPR white paper, Micro Focus delivers a flexible, modular, intelligent set of solutions to help customers identify and take action on customer data in accordance with GDPR.

How can your org lose 20% of its data? Well, 20% of lost data is the result of staff negligence or bad practice. A staggering amount of organizations are storing sensitive business data in inactive file shares, creating an increased risk of data loss. With data breaches on the rise, poorly protected data makes your business an easy target. Finding a secure content management system (CMS) that balances collaboration and compliance requirements is no easy task. Discover the advantages of a secure content management system for your organization and how you can reduce the cost and complexity of securing your data in our new Data Breach white paper.

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