Privacy: Micro Focus Virtual Universe 2020

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We’re very excited to bring you must-see Workshops and Breakout Sessions in the Privacy track on Virtual Universe 2020!

Privacy Micro Focus Virtual Universe 2020.pngDo not miss the Voltage Customer breakout session in the Privacy track on Wednesday, March 18! Learn from this iconic brand-name customer who initially purchased Voltage SecureData to improve their security posture and reduce security overhead while driving their Digital Transformation. As the Voltage data-centric technology has been rolled out across the enterprise, various lines of business are unexpectedly benefitting from this Security by Design approach and reaching their objectives faster. Learn from those who know, how you can accelerate positive business outcomes with the same approach!

Another priority breakout on Wednesday’s Privacy track, also on March 18: Uncovering Sensitive Data with the SaaS File Analytics Suite! Are you trying to do more with less? If your adaptation to Privacy regulations is running parallel with IT modernization and a shift to cloud, we’ve evolved our solutions to support you in meeting those trends. Recently we released a file analysis offering – File Analysis Suite Data Discovery, built on a modern cloud infrastructure – built to scale and evolve including Data Access, Data Governance, and Data Preservation. This new suite not only has native capabilities for discovery, PII detection, we leverage IDOL for data analytics, we integrate with our sister products to Content Manager for records management, Structured Data Manager to consume structured data, and more integrations coming out later this year for file encryption and data access governance. This session will show you how our Privacy solutions provide you with an ecosystem of controls and single pane of glass to manage the lifecycle of data.

Dive deeper: attend the Data Privacy Manager Workshop on March 18. Finding and protecting sensitive structured data in active and inactive systems across the enterprise is a major challenge for most organizations, and the first step to effectively addressing data management and protection. In this Workshop, we explore how Micro Focus Structured Data Manager helps discover sensitive information in database tables and show you how it enables and automates data protection actions such masking and Format-Preserving Encryption with Voltage SecureData.

And if you’re concerned about extending data protection and management to files on the endpoint, you’ll have two opportunities to attend the Voltage SmartCipher Workshops on Wednesday and Thursday, March 18 and 19. With the addition of SmartCipher to the industry-leading Voltage portfolio, you can extend protection and management of sensitive regulated data to any file type with persistent encryption. See how visibility and control over sensitive files helps to enable privacy and compliance while safely facilitating collaboration with no user behaviour changes.

Privacy is a global trend, here to stay. Businesses need to build a holistic and adaptive privacy program now, proactively. Please join us to learn how our highly effective data privacy and protection solutions help you improve cybersecurity practices, reduce risk, and deliver positive drivers for your business!

Please join us for the Micro Focus Virtual Universe data privacy sessions live, or register now and view them on-demand.


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