Protect your Keys to the Kingdom, Upgrade to ESKM 5.0.8

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It seems like every time I glance at a news site, there is another large company in the news, and not in a good way. They are a headline for a data breach (Large Bank loses unencrypted magnetic tapes, they may have literally fallen off the back of a truck). It doesn’t matter what business, this issue cuts across all industry and public sectors. These orgs are increasingly challenged to protect their sensitive information such as cardholder data, patient records, personally identifiable information, and intellectual property from threats such as unauthorized insider access, accidental disclosure, and theft by a range of hostile outsiders, and even, yes, falling off the back of a truck.

Keys to Kingdom.jpgWhen encryption is used to protect data at-rest, strong and secure key management practices with automated policy enforcement are needed to manage, protect, and serve encryption keys over the life of the data. If encryption keys are compromised, data is compromised or lost, and I don’t have to tell you, business continuity is impacted (and the ensuing headlines). 

That’s why I am so pleased to announce an update to our Micro Focus Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM). The Enterprise Secure Key Manager ESKM 5.0.8 release with software v7.0.8 is now available, addressing customer requirements around performance and usability. 

The ESKM 5.0.8 release includes improvements to cluster replication while under heavy load, as well as group filtering and key sorting. We also added the capability to download the KMS Key Query result for all ESKM keys for easier management and faster queries. The EKSM has been FIPS 140-2 validated and Common Criteria certified, and supports all KMIP versions. 

Notable updates include the following: 

New Feature

  • Download option for KMS Key Query result 

Resolved Customer Issues

  • Enhanced cluster replication
  • Improved key sorting by creation date
  • Improved group list filtering 

Other Updates and Fixes

  • Updated SNMP OID for Micro Focus rebranding 


Full release notes and further information can be made available by contacting Micro Focus Support and/or visiting your support portal for firmware download. Customers are always encouraged to upgrade to the latest version of ESKM to keep abreast of the latest threats and security requirements (and to stay out of the headlines).


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