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Revolutionizing Municipal Operations: NetIQ and PwC Denmark’s Integration Project

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NetIQ is no stranger to helping organizations with large-scale, complex identity and access management projects. We teamed up with PwC Denmark for an exciting project that involved nearly 100 local municipalities and aimed to support Denmark’s social structure while keeping citizen data secure. 

Revolutionizing Municipal Operations NetIQ and PwC Denmark’s Integration ProjectFacing quite an endeavour, PwC not only needed to supply a shared integration framework for economies of scale and security, but also provide a unified, real-time view of account information and access rights across diverse applications and systems. A project perfect for NetIQ. 

Working with the NetIQ team and leveraging our Access Manager and Identity Governance solutions, PwC improved security compliance and enhanced productivity for these Danish municipalities. Access Manager provided a simple, single sign-on and access control experience for the 50,000 municipality users who serve hundreds of thousands of citizens. And, since each municipality has slightly different processes, NetIQ’s replication flexibility enabled easier implementation and greater user adoption. Thanks to NetIQ’s Identity Governance, new users can now access the right systems at the right time. 

Numbers Talk 

Time to talk numbers. With NetIQ, PwC helped Denmark municipalities realize a productivity savings of 42,000 person hours per year for a single municipality. Where it used to take 100 hours to integrate a single national system, it now takes 1–2 hours. Instead of spending a month with auditors, now the municipalities can finish reporting within two weeks, a 50% productivity gain. 

Hear what a few team members from these Danish municipalities had to say:

“We like that Identity and Access Manager are event driven. This means we detect changes as they happen, rather than waiting for scheduled reconciliations that might leave us vulnerable in the meantime. Our data is too sensitive for this.” - Martin Oldin, Team Leader - Architecture and Infrastructure, Municipality of Lyngby-Taarbæk 

“With Identity Governance and File Governance as part of the framework, our municipality partners have a convenient and user-friendly way to review their users’ permissions, vastly improving security compliance and transparency.” - Nicolai Jensen, Senior Enterprise Identity & Access Management Architect, PwC Denmark 

Access the full PwC Denmark case study

Learn More: 

If you are looking to learn more about Identity Governance and Administration, NetIQ has provided a new “What is Identity Governance and Administration?” webpage that lays out: 

  • …what is IGA?
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Identity Governance and Administration is a foundational element of a strong cybersecurity posture, and it is key in organizations’ journey to a least privilege security strategy. Don’t miss this informative read!

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