SmartCipher Just Got Smarter!

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At the beginning of 2020, Micro Focus announced the addition of SmartCipher to its industry-leading Voltage security pillar. SmartCipher not only extended our data protection capabilities but added an exciting addition to the data privacy portfolio.   

SmartCipher Just Got Smarter.pngWe thought SmartCipher was especially “smart” because it added unstructured data protection and management. This is especially important as exponential unstructured data growth represents one of the biggest challenges for information security today. Cyber-attacks and data breaches are on the rise so constant protection and encryption for any type of file is required. Many of you may have heard the term “cyber resilience," but what is it exactly? Cyber resilience is the ability of an organization to enable business acceleration (enterprise resiliency) by preparing for, responding to, and recovering from cyber threats. SmartCipher helps you strengthen your cyber resiliency by intelligently adapting your security. Be smart and adapt yours with SmartCipher.

Remember how SmartCipher simplifies unstructured data security? It provides persistent file encryption and complete control and visibility over the file usage and disposition across platforms. It further simplifies unstructured data management by embedding files access and usage controls that protect files wherever they go - how simple is that?

But guess what – we made it smarter!

You know the saying “some things get better with age”? Well – SmartCipher just got smarter with Release 4.2. SmartCipher’s latest release enhances this art form by integrating with SecureMail to encrypt and inspect email content and attachments with SmartCipher policies along with additional new critical technology features that provide a single solution for endpoint privacy and security.

So - What’s New?

The integration with Voltage SecureMail expands privacy and security by encrypting and inspecting email content and attachments with SmartCipher policies. Better. Together.

The new IaaS (cloud) Azure-hosted deployment model satisfies “cloud first” approach with IaaS Azure hosted deployment model and at same time meets data residency requirements by deploying into regional Azure datacenters.

We are introducing a new integration framework that enables integration with automation, workflow, and 3rd party products such as DLP as well as laying the foundation for Micro Focus portfolio products.

Further enhancements include improved user activity logging at the endpoint that gain visibility of end user activity including sensitive content usage and policy violations. Plus, data classification features that are controlled by policy. Two new features are now available to insert / replace the header and footer with custom content and document watermarking.

Yes – some things do get better with age – you - me but especially SmartCipher! Want to learn more? Check out the replay of our webinar, “Voltage SmartCipher & SecureMail: Integrated to expand data privacy & protection.”


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