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Stronger together – Voltage SecureData enabled with Atalla HSM protection

Guest Post by Nathan Turajski, Data Security  

To protect mission-critical sensitive data, Voltage SecureData enables superior flexibility in software to scale up for demanding enterprise applications. Stronger Together.jpgWhether securing big data as data lakes grow for new analytics applications or encrypting billions of payment card transactions, Micro Focus industry-leading format-preserving encryption and tokenization meet the needs of today’s large-scale data governance challenges. 

With the recent upgrade release of the payment industry’s de facto standard Atalla HSM AT1000, it’s now become easier to underpin SecureData with hardware-based protection of its cryptographic secrets. This is now more critical than ever, given the tremendous increase in data breaches in 2017 that is only expected to become fiercer. Consider the following business challenges: 

  • You can never have “too much” trust assurance, where adding a hardware security module (HSM) to an existing Voltage SecureData deployment is an easy upgrade
  • Upgrading an existing HSM or replacing an aging HSM with Atalla can save rack space due to higher performance in a compact 1U solution for improved ROI
  • Centralized management and an integrated configuration offering can accelerate time to value with a unified hardware-software approach, and
  • A single vendor/point of contact makes long-term maintenance easy for your support teams to manage.

Micro Focus offers a stronger together portfolio of leading security solutions that offer increased value when loosely-coupled—and with the Atalla HSM AT1000, offers tools and process support for SecureData customers to upgrade their existing HSM (or no HSM!) to an Atalla HSM hardware solution. The Atalla HSM increases and simplifies trust assurance with Voltage SecureData integration by avoiding the complexities of deploying and testing third-party options. Moreover, Micro Focus Professional Services can help manage an upgrade or migration to help accelerate time to value. 

Adopting the Atalla HSM for a SecureData deployment is made easy

For example, current customers who use a Thales nCipher HSM and wish to upgrade to the Atalla HSM can migrate keys from legacy Thales hardware. For SecureData users who don’t use any HSM and have a current deployment of Voltage SecureData with a defined software district configuration, they can now add the Atalla HSM for enhanced trust to meet various compliance mandates, such as PCI DSS, PCI P2PE requirements, GDPR, legal and risk reduction guidelines, and so forth. 

Not just good for business, security enhancements you can count on from an industry-leading security vendor!

The Micro Focus portfolio includes decades of proven, industry-leading security across mission-critical applications that depend on hardware trust assurance, with highlights of Atalla hardware that include:

  • Hard to decrypt: Master secrets in Atalla HSMs are in the proven AKB format.
  • Design confidence: The Atalla HSM does not store its master secret in the file system as found in third-party solutions such as the Thales nCipher HSM.
  • Verification checks: Validation during manual entry for symmetric operations.
  • Security enhancements: Required passwords at multiple checkpoints and similar improvements.

Ready to get started? Contact Micro Focus to learn more and we can put you in touch with a sales or services representative to get started. 


Data Privacy and Protection
Data Privacy and Protection