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Summer Time Fun Time at the RSA Security Conference!

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The RSA Security Conference is back, taking place in San Francisco, California on June 6-9. Yay, RSA is back, but it feels strange to have it in the summer. You might remember it was slated to be held in person for the first time in two years in February of this year, but was pushed back due to the surge of the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus. By delaying it until June, COVID cases are down and large gatherings of people are happening again. 

Summer Time Fun Time at the RSA Security Conference!Still. June is for summer barbecues, trips to the beach, and family vacations, as most school-aged children have a break. However, the one group that will not be taking it easy for the summer are hackers. In fact, they love a time period when companies are in “lazy” mode. Employees tend to “let their guard down” and become distracted thinking of holiday plans, making them more likely to click on a malicious link or fall for a phishing scam. 

Additionally, IT operations and SecOps teams may be short-staffed during the summer months due to employees out on much needed vacations. This, coupled with an already under-staffed area of business, creates a risk to sensitive data due to fewer resources to help find and discover data breaches. 

Hackers taking advantage of summer holidays have become so prevalent, the FBI and Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency released a general alert last year pleading for increased vigilance for cyber-attacks during summer holidays such as the 4th of July. Also of note, the ransomware attack that hit Meat Giant JBS in 2021 took place during Memorial Day Weekend, when the plant was closed. 

With cybercrime on the rise, and expected to cost the world 10.5 Trillion (that’s trillion with a capital “T”) by 2025, it’s no wonder criminals don’t want to rest. As with anything, if it is lucrative, thieves will continue to mine companies big and small for anything that can be profitable. So, how to stop them? 

Come See us in Person at RSA 

So, back to the RSA Security Conference. The CyberRes team will be there this summer, in person, at booth 4520 in the North Hall. Interested in checking out what RSA 2022 has to offer? No problem. As a valued friend, we have a complimentary Expo Pass we want you to use. Use the #MicroFocus Passcode 52EMCRFCSXP at registration. 

Know that you are going to RSA and want to make good use of your time instead of aimlessly wondering the hall looking for the best free tchotchkes? (Okay, maybe it’s just me who does that). Well, now you have the opportunity to request your own personal meeting in the CyberRes Meeting Center to meet with our CyberRes executives or product experts during the Conference. We hope you take advantage of it. 

Why Meet our Experts? 

Why should you meet our experts? I’m glad you asked that question? (Okay, I asked it, so thank you for letting me answer that question). If you are coming to the RSA conference, you are obviously interested in cybersecurity. Great! However, we want to help you with your cyber resiliency. 

While the former is about “Identify - Protect - Detect - Respond – Recover,” which is mostly throwing solutions at the endpoint and infrastructure, cyber resiliency is about “the capacity to endure, and the ability to resist” (the dictionary definition, anyway) which entails the ability to “Anticipate - Withstand - Recover - Evolve.” 

Instead of waiting for a breach to happen, wouldn’t it be better to anticipate to it, withstand it if it happens, and then recover from it and, more importantly, evolve to the next stage by enhancing the response capabilities and becoming a more resilient company? 

We can help you do that with robust Data SecurityApplication Security, Identity & Access Management, and Security Operations.

Our Data Security solutions help you discover, protect, and secure sensitive and high value data. With this being the “era of the cloud,” and data going back and forth across different clouds, environments, and devices, encrypting data has become paramount for any security strategy. Voltage can also help with test data management by anonymizing application data during testing and streamline the pipeline between development, test, and production. 

Our Application Security solutions help you build secure software fast. Cyber Resiliency requires testing code in a flexible way, both dynamic and static, mobile and in the Cloud. There is a risk when an application is using vulnerable Open Source libraries. Our Fortify AppSec solutions can provide or even suggest the right code and explain visual dependencies of some developments. 

Our Identity and Access Management solutions can help you centrally manage identities for all users, devices, things, and services. Our concept of least privilege ensures that those who shouldn’t have access don’t, while quickly granting access to those who should. We protect your sensitive information through a Zero Trust security posture built into the NetIQ platform. 

Our Security Operations solutions accelerate effective detection and response to known and unknown threats. The ArcSight portfolio uses layered analytics and real-time correlation for threat hunting, as well as fully integrated native Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) to accelerate response and streamline investigation. 

New this year, if you stop by our booth, you can get a demo of CyberRes Galaxy, our new immersive threat research platform. CyberRes Galaxy provides real-time threat Intelligence and updates to threats as they evolve and helps you stay up to date with business-oriented threat research.

Focus on Cybersecurity 

No matter what time of the year, RSA is a great time to focus on security, and this time we get to do it in person. We want to connect with you, see how you have fared the last year, and find out your unique cybersecurity challenges. So please stop by our booth to check out our solutions or just chat. We look forward to seeing you, in your summer attire! 


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